Your Right to Be Rich by Napoleon Hill

Your Right to Be Rich by Napoleon Hill

Author:Napoleon Hill
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Published: 2015-08-31T04:00:00+00:00


I was not blessed with anything that you do not have, and maybe not half as much as some of you. My background was certainly much more difficult than that of most, and if I made the grade, I know you can make it. You have to take possession, to be in charge of your institution and your enterprise. You are an institution and an enterprise. You have to be in charge, you’ve got to call the shots, and you must see that they’re carried out. You’ll need self-discipline with which to do it. That’s how you go about keeping your mind off the things you don’t want, by occupying your mind and seeing in your imagination the things that you do want. Even if you don’t have physical possession of them, you can always have mental possession, can’t you? Unless you have mental possession of a thing first, you can be sure you’ll never have the physical possession of it, unless somebody wishes it upon you or it accidentally falls off the top of a house and onto you as you’re walking by. Anything that you get or acquire by desire must be created and gotten in your mental attitude first. You must be very sure about it in your mind. To see yourself in possession of it takes self-discipline.

Mastery of your own destiny is the reward for taking possession of your own mind. Taking possession of your own mind gives you direct contact with Infinite Intelligence. You’ll be guided by Infinite Intelligence. No doubt about it. When I tell you that there’s someone looking over my shoulder and guiding me, I’m telling you the truth of what happens when I meet with obstacles. All I have to do is to remember that he’s right there. If I come to an intersection of life and I don’t know if I should turn this way or that way, or if I should go ahead or go back, all I have to do is to remember that invisible force looking over my shoulder will always point the right direction—if I pay attention to him and have faith in him. How can I make a statement like that? There’s only one way, and that’s by having practiced it. That’s the only way I would know. I will never be guilty of telling you that anything will happen unless I have made it happen and I tell you how you can make it happen, too.

The penalty for not taking possession of your own mind, which is the penalty that the majority of people pay all through their life, is this: you will become the victim of the stray winds of circumstance, which will remain forever beyond your control. You’ll become the victim of every influence that you come into contact with, enemies and everything. All these things that you don’t want will sway you like a leaf on the bosom of the wind, unless you take possession of your own mind.


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