You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris

You, Me & Her by Tanya Chris

Author:Tanya Chris [Chris, Tanya]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Publisher: Tanya Chris Publishing
Published: 2018-05-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 18

Safely alone with Sherry in her bedroom, Joshua banished to the other room, I tried to relax in this place that last week had felt like Eden and this week felt like a consolation prize.

“Shouldn’t it be Joshua in here?” I asked. “I could go home to sleep.”

Sherry and I had already screwed around and, although it was entirely likely that we’d screw around again if I stayed, we were at a point where more sex felt optional. For now we were enjoying a cuddling closeness that strummed the strings of guilt running through my physical satisfaction.

“Joshua’s in here six nights a week.” Sherry ran her hand over my ribs. She continued to enjoy my leanness, scolding us every time she heard we’d been at the gym.

“He’s your husband.”

“And you’re my boyfriend.”

“I am?” I peered down at the top of her head. I’d never been anyone’s boyfriend before. The term implied a level of exclusivity to which I’d never been willing to agree.

“What else would you call it?”

“I guess I’m your—one of your—lovers.”

“My lovers don’t sleep over every weekend. Or hang out with Joshua watching movies. No, I think you’re something more than that. Boyfriend works for me. Is that too committed for you?”

“No, it’s ... it’s nice.” I kissed the top of her head and ran my hand along her arm, squeezing her in tighter. I had a girlfriend.

“So you belong here and you’re not going anywhere, right?” Sherry fixed me with an angry glare. “No more shit like tonight.”

“I didn’t know you had Fridays reserved for me,” I said in a joking tone, still trying to pretend I’d had other plans.

“It doesn’t have to be Friday, but save me a spot in the rotation. I’ve been lazy, letting Joshua schedule my dates with you. If he’s not going to do that anymore, we’ll have to make our own plans.”

Sherry and I exchanged text messages during the day, but completely impractical ones. It was Joshua who kept everyone organized.

“I told him I had other plans,” I admitted. “It was me, not him.”

“But you didn’t have other plans.”

“I ... no.”

Sherry reached over me to grab the bottle of tequila from the nightstand and took a deep swig, then handed the bottle to me. I eyed it warily and decided no. I put the bottle back on the nightstand.

“You’re freaked out about what happened last weekend,” she prodded.

“Not freaked out, exactly.

“You don’t think you can trust Joshua? He’d never do anything you didn’t want him to do. Besides, it was my idea. If you have to blame someone, blame me.”

“I don’t blame either of you. I blame myself. No, not even that. I don’t blame anyone. Nothing blame-worthy happened.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

“I just don’t want it to happen again, and I don’t trust myself to stop it from happening, at least not if I’m here in bed with the two of you.”

“If it wasn’t horrible when it happened before, why can’t it happen again?”

“I’m not gay.” From before I’d even known what gay meant, I’d known I wasn’t.


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