Wolf Slayer by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Wolf Slayer by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom

Author:Linda Thomas-Sundstrom
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Harlequin
Published: 2017-10-06T14:35:05+00:00

Chapter 18

Tracking her prey was a talent Tess excelled at usually, and yet she had failed to find the misty creature that had stirred up so many self-doubts about the kinds of knowledge she lacked. She had never heard of a thing as abhorrent as the ghostly apparition that had blown icy breaths in her face. Fear still coated her skin with chills.

She couldn’t have stopped running if she had tried. Odd situations were framing her night one after the other, and after a long hiatus, as if Jonas’s presence here had attracted the supernatural.

This last disgusting creature had left a pointer for her as to the reason for its visit. Wolf, it had said, and there just happened to be one nearby. Two of them, if she counted the white-furred animal that sometimes accompanied Jonas and liked to sink its teeth into others.

The red stripe on her hand, left there by that animal, was a strong reminder of Were and wolf ties. Maybe animals often had kindred spirits in species sharing their DNA.


It was him calling, and her mind was an open book of thoughts and mismatched patterns.

“We’re heading toward you,” Jonas sent through the airwaves. “I don’t see anything abnormal.”

Tess almost told him to look down at himself if he wanted the definition of abnormal but restrained herself. Jonas, she had come to believe, was a different animal altogether. He seemed quite normal at times...which, she supposed, was the secret weapon he wielded.

Then again, beauty wasn’t everything.

That realization tied her stomach into more knots. Knots on top of knots. Jonas had said we, and Tess understood what that meant. Jonas and his vicious pet were coming.

Hell, she could kiss the damn rulebook goodbye and write a new one. The whole wolf-versus-wolf-hunter scenario was being tested here and she felt like a human guinea pig.

“If you come east, toward the rocks, we’ll trap it in the field beyond the trees,” she sent back to Jonas.

In spite of her job, that nasty black misty apparition seemed like the bigger danger here. Beneath her chills, Jonas’s fragrant masculine scent lingered on her clothes, and that had to be what had interested whatever hid in the foggy folds of this black mist.

“Do you see it, Tess?”

“Lost it. But that doesn’t mean it’s not here.”

“Further description of what to look for?”

“I’ve got nothing more to offer you.”

Jonas had more to say. “Keep back if you find it again. It’s likely this thing isn’t after you, and we wouldn’t want it to change its mind.”

“It isn’t after you either, Jonas. I got the impression it might be seeking someone you might know.”


“It’s looking for a girl. A young girl.”

The connection filled with a string of raw, emotional curses before Jonas returned. “How do you know this?”

“I saw her. Saw her picture in that thing’s mind.”

Having gained more experience with the inexplicable connection she and Jonas shared, Tess knew when the mind-thought channel between them closed.

She had reached the edge of the field and still saw nothing of the encroaching mist.


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