Winning Law Review: A Concise Guide to Write-On Competitions by Judicious D

Winning Law Review: A Concise Guide to Write-On Competitions by Judicious D

Author:Judicious D.
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Published: 2018-04-22T21:00:00+00:00

The decision is wrong and here's why.

The decision is right for the wrong reasons.

The decision is right, and the dissent is wrong.

Similar choices would exist for other kinds of prompts. An initial, perhaps obvious tip: don’t use #3 above. It is hard to write a compelling argument that simply agrees with the outcome for the same reasons given to you in the sources. Between #1 and #2 though, either one is acceptable. For #1, you could obviously just argue the opposite of the holding (and focus on any dissents given in your source packet). For #2, you could argue that the court has gaps in its reasoning, which may lead to trouble later on.

With a general idea of what side you would take for your thesis, next think about the raw material you have to work with. You can think of each item in your source packet as a collection of fragmented information to deconstruct and then reconstruct into your writing component paper. The argument you should make is the argument with the most fragments (i.e., citations) supporting it. From your reading notes with word-for-word pin-cited quotes, the fragments which can be strung together into a cohesive argument should become clear.

Two days before my write-on was due and after I had written an initial draft, I came up with a fantastic issue to write about which was potentially better-supported and more creative. But I didn't have time, so instead I compressed and sprinkled in the creative idea into my existing draft, and spent the rest of my time polishing what I had, which worked out for me. If you do have any creative arguments that pop up during the course of drafting your paper, and you wish to incorporate them, just add them as creative flourishes branching off your main, well-supported argument. But explicitly note how your creative argument might be limited.


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