Wings of the Walker (The Walker Series Book 1) by Coralee June

Wings of the Walker (The Walker Series Book 1) by Coralee June

Author:Coralee June [June, Coralee]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: UNKNOWN
Published: 2017-12-14T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12

The next morning I woke up early to tour the town that was now my new home. Maverick gave me instructions the night before to meet him in the kitchen first thing, but to my surprise, when I turned the corner, it was Jacob yawing instead of him.

When his eyes met mine, a sleepy smile spread across his cheeks.

“Maverick had to leave in the middle of the night, One of the Walkers is having a bad reaction to the vaccine and needed medicine,” he explained.

“Oh,” I said. I felt disappointed that I wouldn't be able to tour the city, as well as worried for the Walker. It was rare that a Walker’s body rejected the vaccine, but when it did happen, it almost always resulted in their death. I made a mental note to visit Maverick later after touring the town with Jacob.

“Don’t look so glum, I’m here to show you around,” Jacob said. He then handed me a pastry and a to-go cup full of tea. It was a sweet gesture, and I immediately decided that Jacob was a kind and thoughtful person.

We made our way through the village center. Wooden buildings surrounded us on each side and Jacob explained in detail what each building was, who worked there, and whatever gossip was going on at that time. Occasionally, he would run into someone he knew, and they would smile and joke, or he’d introduce me. What few women we saw, fawned over him. I couldn’t deny that Jacob was downright beautiful, and it was evident that he liked the attention.

We made our way down the dirt road until we arrived at a small shop. The sign on the door indicated that this was their local, grocery store. Inside were buckets of grain, food, and other supplies. Jacob grabbed a basket and began plopping items into it.

“Everyone is given credits for rations at the beginning of the month,” he explained while sinking his pearly-white teeth into a thick peach. The juices rolled down his chin, and I wanted to lick them off.

I’m like a sister to them, I reminded myself, despite the very unsisterly thoughts that filled my brain.

An older man and woman were at the register, and followed us with their eyes, each wearing a smile.

“You must be the Walker that saved Cyler,” the woman exclaimed. She had long, grey hair that was braided and hung low down her back. She looked beautiful in the soft light of the General Store.

“Oh, no it was nothing,” I mumbled.

“Nonsense!” the man exclaimed. His voice was gravelly and deep.

“Cyler Black is a hero in this town,” he explained. “He carried us through the X outbreak as well as defended our community against scavengers. This town is indebted to him and you.” He then bowed and handed me a piece of chocolate. My eyes widened at his kind gift, and his wife nodded her head enthusiastically. Although it was too kind, I just didn’t want to refuse their compassion. I gently grabbed it and took a bite.


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