Why Is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism by Deepak Chopra

Why Is God Laughing?: The Path to Joy and Spiritual Optimism by Deepak Chopra

Author:Deepak Chopra [Chopra, Deepak]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Body; Mind & Spirit, General, FICTION
ISBN: 9780307450012
Google: jF0ZCwFjBdUC
Publisher: Potter/TenSpeed/Harmony
Published: 2008-06-03T21:17:38+00:00


MICKEY’S ELATION DIDN’T COMPLETELY FADE AS they drove along. He felt light-headed and had to pay attention to the road. Whenever Sunset Boulevard took a big curve, it felt like the car was turning into a glider. As if it might swoop into the air and catch the next breeze.

“This is unreal,” Mickey murmured softly.

“It’s more unreal not to feel this way,” said Francisco. “This is your bliss. Soak it up.”

Mickey looked out the window at the stream of cars racing in both directions and the handsome stucco houses drifting by. He had heard of out-of-body experiences. He wondered if this was one. Neither man spoke, and it seemed as if the ribbon of road would unfold forever. Sunset Boulevard dipped toward the ocean. The western sun came straight into Mickey’s eyes, and the glare made him blink.

“I’m coming back down. I can feel it,” he said.

Francisco glanced over at him. “Don’t worry. Glide a little longer. We’re in no hurry to make a landing.”

Mickey kept having the sensation that he wasn’t driving but merely watching the road unfold. Gradually, though, he returned to what he thought of as his senses.

“Why is all this happening to me?” he asked, turning to Francisco. “I really need to know.”

“I’m only playing my part,” Francisco said. “It’s like a game of tag. I found you just the way somebody once found me.”

This was the first time that he had made any reference to his personal life. Mickey pounced on it. “Someone walked up to you on a beach?”

“No, at work. I was a builder. A stranger showed up on-site. I got annoyed, but pretty soon that didn’t matter.” Francisco saw the curiosity in Mickey’s eyes. “Nothing from before much matters. You’ll see.”

An hour earlier it would have scared Mickey to hear this. Some part of him had accepted the process, but another part had kept alive the belief that he could go back to normal anytime he wanted. But normal was shifting, and he wasn’t scared now. “Does the process last your whole life?” he asked.

“Yes, but it keeps changing. When I started out, I felt as much fear as you did. I resisted every bit as much, even though I didn’t have your inflated ego. No offense. And don’t worry. When the process is over, that will be gone, too.”

The prospect suddenly seemed like the best news Mickey had ever heard.

“I want to go for it,” he said. “Can we speed things up?”

Francisco was amused. “You might singe your eyebrows or melt your wings. Be careful.”

“Were you careful?”

Francisco shook his head. “No. I went off course. Just for a while. My guide was worried.”

Now that they had reached the beach, Mickey expected to turn south, the direction of home. Francisco pointed to a supermart on the corner. “Just pull in there.”

Mickey pulled off the road and parked. “Who was your guide?” he asked.

“His name was Martin. He was a one-man mystery school. What he knew about life…” Francisco’s voice trailed off.

He turned to Mickey.


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