Where Did You Go? by Christina Rasmussen

Where Did You Go? by Christina Rasmussen

Author:Christina Rasmussen
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2018-11-06T16:00:00+00:00

Your Homework for This Week

First and foremost, take the journey from the beginning to this point every day. Even if you have only a few minutes to spend. Go through the Door, meet your Super Watcher, experience the divine voice, experience the presence of your Super Watcher, and with that presence, look for your beloved. Every day. Then, with your beloved and your Super Watcher, take the journey through the Portal into the stars and through the galaxy. When you’re on the other side, continue any conversations with your beloved, feel the essence of your consciousness, your Super Watcher, as much as possible and spend time with your object. Then bring it back.

This week is about finding your object in your reality here. And experiencing the surprise and joy when suddenly, out of the blue, the object shows up at work, in a store, among a pile of things in your closet that you haven’t looked through in ages. When you find it, take a picture of it, and write down what it felt like when your object showed up. Also tell someone in your Temple Circle, or if you don’t have anyone you’ve told about this journey, this may be a good time to tell one person. Talking about your experience makes it stronger in this reality.

Having something show up here that you saw in the Temple World is a big deal, so you want to record and cement that experience so the pathways your brain creates for this occurrence are as strong as possible. We’re building an entire network of pathways throughout this journey, and each occurrence of a miracle in our journeys deepens the automatic ability of the brain to allow miracles to happen daily, spontaneously. This will open the Doors to exciting, synchronistic experiences, moments where you’re reminded of the Temple World as a regular occurrence. It will open the Door to more objects and experiences that are part of the Temple Journey to find their way to the life you are living now.

Laura, who found her object to be the moon and wanted it transformed into a moonstone necklace to carry with her every day, shared with me that she began experiencing many moments of synchronicity. For example, she would be reading a book and certain words would jump out that connected her to her Temple Journey. She’s still not quite used to it, and she sometimes wonders if her brain’s seeking these moments deliberately. She made sure to tell me that she’s determined to find a white moon-like crystal ball randomly in a store, at a friend’s, wherever she will stumble upon it, she is certain of it. She deeply believes that it will happen eventually—as it always does. And that knowing is the programming and rewiring that the Temple World experiences allow for.

Congratulations on daring to go deeper into this journey of invisible worlds that only come to life when we trust ourselves to experience what is not seen by the naked eye.


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