When Wishes Bleed by Casey Bond

When Wishes Bleed by Casey Bond

Author:Casey Bond [Bond, Casey]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: YA Fiction/Fantasy
Published: 2019-10-30T00:00:00+00:00


I sealed the door, unable to take another second of Rose or anyone else’s presence at that point. For years, the only company I had was Brecan when he could steal away, the occasional witch who sought a reading of their fate, usually around Elevation time, and the occasional squirrel who liked to chomp on the wood of my cabin. I realized I’d come to appreciate the calm solitude of a lonely existence.

Tugging the gloves off, I looked at my necrotic fingertips. I was pleased to see the ichor hadn’t spread, and stretching them out didn’t hurt. They didn’t ache. My lips weren’t frozen. Whatever the warning was, I wasn’t sure what it meant.

Someone knocked. That’s probably Brecan... I tugged the gloves back on, but couldn’t bring myself to whisper the spell to unseal the door.

“Sable?” Tauren’s voice penetrated the air.

I unsealed the door. “It’s unlocked.”

He inspected the knob on the inside of the door when he stepped inside. “There are no locks on the powder rooms, as there is more than one facility.”

“I can stop time, Tauren. Sealing a door – locks or none – is child’s play.”

“Right,” he said with a cough.

“I’m sorry. I’m just having a…” I didn’t know what type of moment I was having. There were no words to describe my roiling emotions.

“Do you want to leave?” he asked sincerely.

“My grandmother is dying.”

His brows kissed in concern. “How do you know?”

“Mira can communicate with those in Thirteen.” I didn’t tell him how or divulge anything further, but I could see the question painted across his face.

“Go to her,” he quietly urged, crossing the room and taking hold of my elbows. I couldn’t look at him. When I tried to pull away, his grip tightened. “Sable, if you need to leave, I understand.”

“No you don’t. My grandmother hated me.”

“That’s not possible.”

He finally let me go when I took a step back. “She hated me. She told me once that it was I who killed my mother; that Fate turned on her because he chose me instead. And now that I am of age and my power has matured, hers has faded, along with her life.”

Fate rumbled in my bones. An unhappy, roiling displeasure sank in deeper than ever before, but I begged him to calm down and just leave me be for a little while.

“Did she hate your mother?” Tauren finally asked, his golden eyes swirling with concern and what I hoped wasn’t pity.

“She did.”

I glanced at the door. Someone would walk into this powder room eventually, and I was sure it would cause quite a scandal for the Prince to be found inside with a witch.

“It doesn’t matter,” I told him woodenly.

“It upsets you, so of course it matters.”

I nodded toward the door. “You should go before someone sees you with me.”

“They’ll be seeing the two of us together much more often now, Sable,” he warned.

“Not in powder rooms.”

“I don’t care what any of them think,” he swore.

I could tell he believed the words he spewed, but he didn’t understand their importance.


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