What's Good About Anger? by Lynette Hoy & Ted Griffin

What's Good About Anger? by Lynette Hoy & Ted Griffin

Author:Lynette Hoy & Ted Griffin [Hoy, Lynette & Griffin, Ted]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: CounselCare Connection
Published: 2011-03-24T15:28:42.193000+00:00

Downer: "OK. But, I'm still pretty angry about this."

You (now work toward resolution and confrontation about the character judgments): "I will do the project and have it done in a few days. But in the future, I am requesting that you refrain from making character judgments about me when you have a problem with my work."

Downer: "What do you mean by that?"

You: "I don't like being labeled irresponsible and lazy. When you need to approach me about some issue in the future, please keep to the issue-ie. the behavior that bothers you and your feelings about it. This will help me feel respected and improve our relationship."

Foundational Insights:

Conflict is normal and a process that both parties, when willing, can work through. When conflict management skills along with compassion and empathy are applied to disputes, relationships can improve and successful resolution is possible.

Questions for Thought

1. What conflicts are you currently facing, or should you be facing, that it would be right for you to accept and handle?

How will you go about this?

2. Which of the "Practical Strategies for Managing Conflict" do you find the hardest? Why?

3. Have you been seeking to resolve some conflict but the other person is unwilling?

Have you taken any of the steps from the model? What should be the next step, and when will you take it?

4. Take the empathy inventory. How can working on empathy skills-putting yourself in someone else's shoes-help you manage conflict more effectively?


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