Way of Choices: Book 10 by Mao Ni

Way of Choices: Book 10 by Mao Ni

Author:Mao Ni
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Xuanhuan

Chapter 952 – One Punch

* * *

The minor official recognized Xuanyuan Po.

Xuanyuan Po was also surprised, because he recognized the minor official.

Just a few days ago, in the small tavern, this minor official had gotten thoroughly drunk and then said many vicious words to him.

Looking at Xuanyuan Po, the minor official asked in shock, "What's a kid like you doing here?"

Xuanyuan Po pointed at the register on the table and replied, "They said that I needed to register my name here."

The minor official stared blankly at him for a while before finally asking, "You want to participate in the Heavenly Selection?"

Xuanyuan Po affirmed, "Yes."

The minor official couldn't help but laugh, jeering, "A cripple like you also wants to marry Her Highness?"

Xuanyuan Po denied, "I have never thought about marrying Her Highness, but I do want to participate in the Heavenly Selection."

The minor official gave him a contemptuous gaze. "It looks to me like you want to seek your death."

There were not many participants at this fighting platform and Xuanyuan Po's extremely large physique was quite conspicuous, attracting the gazes of quite a few people. Now, with the official's laughter and derision, even more people looked over. Pine Paths was quite a small place where it was easy to run into acquaintances, and there were several frequent patrons of the small tavern in the crowd. Upon seeing this scene, they quickly walked over. When they learned of Xuanyuan Po's intentions, they were stunned and quickly advised him to give up on the idea.

"I say, have you gone crazy? This isn't play-fighting!"

"Didn't you hear that the Daoist Church of the Western Wastes didn't send a priest this time? The fighting platforms in the upper city have the doctors from the court and the Council of Elders keeping watch, but what will you do if you get injured here? There's no one here to treat you, and if you start bleeding nonstop, you really will die!"

"Even if people usually ridicule you, why take such a risk to prove yourself?"

Xuanyuan Po was quiet, not responding to these concerns. Seeing this, the patrons ceased their exhortations.

The minor official again jeered, "If you insist on seeking death, that's on you. Though when you get on the platform, don't cry too hard."

Xuanyuan Po took the brush and wrote his name and some other information on the register. He then took a cloth strip and tied it to his right wrist.

Time slowly passed and it was finally his turn to step onto the fighting platform.

The crowd around the platform conversed about what his background might be.

A handler from a gambling den recalled the earlier sight and squeezed his way to the registration table. He asked the official, "Should I keep an eye out?"

The minor official sneered, "He's just a dishwasher who brags that he's gone to the capital before and thinks that he's such an outstanding person."

One of the patrons who had attempted to stop Xuanyuan Po earlier commented, "He really did go to the capital."

The official was


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