Unwrapping Treasure: A Granite Lake Romance Novella by Kessler Jody A

Unwrapping Treasure: A Granite Lake Romance Novella by Kessler Jody A

Author:Kessler, Jody A. [Kessler, Jody A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Published: 2015-11-28T08:00:00+00:00

Bodie woke at sunrise, pulled her in close to his naked body, and kissed her softly on the forehead. He apologized for having to leave early.

Treasure lay in the bed floating in the haze of half-sleep while listening to the shower running and smelled the coffee brewing. Then he was back, murmuring next to her ear about taking care of her shoulder, and turning her phone on so he could call her later.

He said goodbye and left her, the cabin, and Granite Lake behind. She drifted back to sleep wondering how soon she could experience his male magnificence all over again.

Treasure arrived at semi-consciousness some time later, but decided not to join the world just yet. She rolled over in bed and felt like she fully understood bliss. The coffee waited for her in the kitchen and she sighed with contentment. She glanced over toward the front of the cabin and noticed her Christmas present from Bodie sitting on the nightstand. A small pang of remorse twanged inside her – she’d missed her opportunity to open it in front of him.

Treasure pushed herself up and reached for the small box. She held it in her hands for a long time, set it down in her lap to drink some water, and then finally began to unwrap it. She lay the paper and ribbon aside and lifted the lid off the white box. Inside sat a tiny full detail metal motorcycle hanging on a keychain and a single key. The irony of receiving another motorcycle for Christmas didn’t escape her. She knew she had told Bodie her father gave her motorcycles, and she also knew she had never told him she received them for Christmas. She swallowed the lump rising in her throat and lifted the keychain from the box. Cupping it in her palm, she took out a folded sheet of paper tucked inside.


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