Trusting Fate: Crimson Coven Book 2 (The Crimson Coven) by B.A. Stretke

Trusting Fate: Crimson Coven Book 2 (The Crimson Coven) by B.A. Stretke

Author:B.A. Stretke [Stretke, B.A.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Superiorland Publishing
Published: 2016-03-16T14:00:00+00:00


Alexander returned to the Coven feeling better than he’d felt in his entire life. He found his chosen and marked him. It was a small gesture, but it was a beginning. Now all he had to do was convince him of their destiny. He walked into his quarters and called Talbot to meet with him.

“Did you speak with Lawrence, the self proclaimed Wiccan leader, regarding Susanna ?” He spoke quickly clipping his words still angry over her interference.

“Yes, sir. He said that he would speak to Susanna , but he also said that she is allowed to express her feelings any way that she chooses.” He could tell by the sarcasm lacing Talbot’s tone that he did not agree with the statement and was waiting for further instructions.

“So, he believes she has a right to express herself at my expense.” Alexander’s tone was deadly. Talbot just nodded. Alexander picked up his phone and dialed one number. “Cullen, I want the Wiccan’s on Sparkle Road removed, out of my city, all of them.” Alexander hung up the phone and glanced back to Talbot. “I’m expressing myself.”

Alexander spent the remainder of the evening making plans for the following day. He would show Quinn around and they would have lunch in his quarters. He would then take him out onto the grounds and they could go for a long walk together. He longed for the time he could be himself with his chosen and they could truly begin their lives together.

Quinn was more than he’d ever hoped for in a forever lover. He was so handsome it made him ache, he was smart and driven and he was nice. Quinn was a nice person and Alexander didn’t meet too many genuinely nice people. Ethan, Cullen’s chosen, was a nice person but Alexander couldn’t recall anyone else in his life that he would refer to as truly nice.

Alexander alerted those who needed to know that Quinn would be coming tomorrow and would be spending the day with Alexander. Lunch would be perfect, as would be the Coven in every aspect. He would have to keep Quinn within a certain area so as to not tip him off to the fact that they were a vampire coven, but he could well entertain him. He found himself quite overjoyed at the prospect of entertaining his chosen here in his home. Quinn was leery of the authenticity of the relationship, but he would soon find out that it was real.

Alexander recalled the moment in Quinn’s apartment when he was kissing him and Quinn’s eyes appeared to glow. At the time he wrote it off to a trick of the light, but now as he thought about it the light came from within. Perhaps Quinn has a paranormal ancestor that he is unaware of. He smelled and tasted all human so it would have to be a very small influence. Human, half human, ape or artichoke, he didn’t care. Quinn was his chosen and he was absolutely perfect in every way.


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