True to the Game III by Teri Woods

True to the Game III by Teri Woods

Author:Teri Woods [WOODS, TERI]
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi
Tags: FIC000000
ISBN: 9780446548120
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Published: 2008-07-01T16:00:00+00:00

Sneaky Sneaky

Rik pulled up to the shopping center in his black Range Rover and found a parking space up front. Today was a good day for shopping. He had a little change left over, and he might as well get some new kicks. Even if he wasn’t balling out of control like before, there was no sense in looking like shit. He lived by the mantra “never let ’em see you sweat.” So even though times were desperate, he was still going to look as if he were the fucking king of Philly.

The clothing store that he chose today was one of his favorites. It was a small Italian clothier that sold fine Italian suits. They could hand-make you a suit, or tailor something off the rack to fit you just right. They also carried the latest in street gear in another section of the store. Today, he was here to do a little bit of shopping for both.

Rik stepped into the shop and waved to the owner’s son, Anthony. Anthony was a typical young Italian. He wore the flyest tailored suits out there, but fucked them up by wearing too much jewelry. He had a Rolex on one wrist, a Rolex bracelet on the other, three rings on his left-hand fingers, and four rings on his right-hand fingers . . . way too much.

Rik headed for the suits. He was going to find something on the rack and have it tailored to his specifications. Charcoal was the color he needed, something in a really dark gray color, not too close to black, but none of that light gray shit either. Something that looked fly. He already had the shoes and a tie that would go perfectly with what he had in mind.

“Well hello, Tyrik!” Detective Ellington greeted him from behind.

“Spending a little bit of that dope money today, are we?” Detective Davis asked, stepping to the other side of Rik.

Rik saw that the detectives had him boxed in. “Man, what y’all want?”

“We’re putting together a greatest-hits mix tape,” Ellington told him. “We got your soundtrack from the dope deals you made.”

“And your conversations with your cellmate while you were in jail,” Davis added.

“And of course the best one of all, your conversation with Ms. Scott,” Ellington told him.

“You know, the one where she offered you the money to make a two-million-dollar bond,” Davis added, placing his arm around Rik.

Instantly Rik became nervous. How the fuck do they know that?

“I don’t know what y’all are talking about,” Rik told them.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah. Let’s not play stupid, Tyrik,” Davis said. “Don’t make me pull out my little tape recorder and play it back for you.”

Ellington shook her head and whispered into Rik’s ear. “You really don’t want him to pull out the tape recorder. It really pisses him off when he has to do that. Besides, if we listen to all those tapes of you discussing drug deals and drug money, we might find reason to indict you once again.”

“Okay.” Rik lifted his hands in surrender.


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