Treasure Hunters 4- Peril at the Top of the World by James Patterson

Treasure Hunters 4- Peril at the Top of the World by James Patterson

Author:James Patterson [Patterson, James]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: YA
ISBN: 9780316346931
Publisher: jimmy patterson
Published: 2016-07-03T04:00:00+00:00

“Here is something else for you to consider.” He reached into his chest pocket.

I flinched because I was half expecting him to pull out one of those gnarly survival knives with a sawtooth blade on top.

Instead, the Russian pulled out an envelope sealed with wax.

Another clue from the Enlightened Ones!

I noticed a small hole in the top of it as he handed it to Mom.

“This was found nailed to a wall of the Hermitage Museum in the blank spot where our revered Rembrandt used to hang. Minister Szymanowicz gave us the order to fly north and parachute over the North Pole to deliver it to you. Apparently, it is a very important document, da?”

“It could very well be,” said Mom.

She tore open the envelope.

“Is it a ransom note from the art thieves?” asked Colonel Dragunov.

Mom shook her head. “No. It’s another clue.”

“A clue about what?”

“Where your country’s lost treasures might be stored, along with priceless art objects and antiquities stolen from collections all around the globe!”

Dragunov leaned in close to Mom. He was twice her size. But you know what? Mom had had so much martial arts training, I think she could’ve taken the guy.

“Use this clue,” said the soldier. “Find our art. Do it fast. Because my boots are thin and my feet are cold!”


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