Torched by Donna Grant

Torched by Donna Grant

Author:Donna Grant
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2018-05-29T04:00:00+00:00


Ulrik stumbled back a step when a shockwave of magic barreled through him. The force of it shook him almost as much as the fact that it was Druid magic.

But what made his heart race was that he recognized it as Eilish’s.

“What the hell was that?” Balladyn demanded as he looked around as if expecting to see someone.

Ulrik rushed out of the cottage, looking for some sign of Eilish nearby. He recognized the tinge of darkness that clouded her magic. But she wasn’t to be found anywhere.

Balladyn came to stand beside him. “That was a ripple of magic that came from some distance away. I’ve only ever known one who caused such a current.”

“Rhi,” Ulrik said, his eyes briefly closing.

“Aye. And this wasn’t Rhi. You know who did this?” Balladyn asked, his gaze narrowed.

Ulrik gave a nod. Without another word, he touched his cuff, teleporting outside the door of Eilish’s flat. He didn’t hesitate to break through her spells and bust inside her place.

He expected her to come out, yelling at him. But there was only silence. He glanced behind him at the stairs that led down to the pub, but she wasn’t striding up them with anger in her green-gold eyes.

His head swung to her bedroom. Slowly, he made his way to the doorway. Nothing was out of place other than a small crack in the wall near the bed. It shouldn’t be enough to cause him concern, but it did.

He hurried out of the flat, closing the door and using his own spells to keep others out, then he made his way to the pub. Just before he turned from the hidden doorway so that everyone could see him, he hesitated.

When the bartender got close, Ulrik whistled to catch his attention. Then he called Cody over.

“Have you seen Eilish?” Ulrik demanded.

Cody shook his head. “Not since last night when she rushed up the stairs.”

The man returned to his duties, leaving Ulrik trying to think of where Eilish could be. He looked to the door of her flat. There was a chance Mikkel had come for her. The time limit his uncle had given her had run out.

And if Mikkel had her, she could be anywhere.

Ulrik returned to his cottage and yanked open the drawer in his desk for a mobile phone. He called one of Mikkel’s workers who was spying for Ulrik.

“Where is he?” Ulrik asked as soon as the phone was answered.

“I don’t know,” came the reply in a thick cockney accent. “I’ve not heard from him in over a week.”

Ulrik disconnected the call before repeating the same conversation with six others in Mikkel’s employ that he’d convinced to spy for him.

And all had the same answer.

With one push of a button, he sent a message to everyone who worked for him to search their area for any sign of Mikkel. Then, he waited.

But he couldn’t manage an ounce of patience. He tossed the phone onto the desk. Then he braced his hands on the wood and hung his head.


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