There You Are by CJane Elliott

There You Are by CJane Elliott

Author:CJane Elliott [Elliott, CJane]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: gay romance
ISBN: 978-1-63476-703-3
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Published: 2015-12-22T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Fifteen

PHINEAS UNLOCKED the front door, his inner Phanny strong and bold. He’d kept her stashed away for far too long, and it was time to let her fly. She liked keeping the boys a little off-balance, and Cody seemed suitably confused. Oh, this was fun, but time to take pity on him. He turned with a soft smile. “Wine?”

Cody searched his face like he was trying to find the real Phineas. “Sure.”

“Sit down and I’ll open a bottle.”

From the kitchen, he heard the sound of Cody’s guitar. It felt cozy, having him here. Underneath his Phanny bravado still lurked some trepidation at crossing the line from friends to lovers, but Phanny Hill wasn’t letting that get in their way. Cody was a gorgeous, talented, kind man. Their attraction was nothing short of mind-blowing. To top it off, Cody was ten years younger, and who knew what acrobatics he was capable of in bed? Not to mention endurance.

Phanny! You slut! Phineas whispered, feeling his lips curve wickedly as he uncorked the Cabernet. He’d denied himself for so long, it was dizzy-making to be so horny and anticipatory.

He walked into the living room, bottle in one hand and glasses in the other. Cody paused his playing, watching. He was sex on a stick, with those long legs and slender fingers caressing the strings. Phineas sat next to him and poured them each some wine as Cody put the guitar aside. He gave Cody his, shivering at the brush of their fingers, then raised his glass, staring at Cody’s mouth before gazing into his eyes. “To us.”

“I’ll drink to that.” After taking one sip, Cody set down his glass with a determined clunk. He reached out and took Phineas’s glass from his hand.

“Oh my,” Phanny breathed, and leaned back to let Cody have his way with them.

But Cody wasn’t playing. “I… uh, I need to know something.”

“What’s that?”

“This isn’t a casual fuck, right?”

Resisting the urge to purse his lips at Cody’s bluntness—so crass, huffed Phanny—Phineas dropped the game-playing. “No. It’s not.” He took Cody’s hand, a rush of emotion tightening his throat. “Not at all.”

He could see Cody’s tension drain away. “Cool. Sorry.” Cody laughed and ran his free hand through his hair. “I’m usually smoother than this.” He reached out and touched Phineas’s arm. “You’ve got me all turned around, Phineas MacDonald. I haven’t been this… attracted… befuddled… enamored in a long time.”

Enamored? Oh my God. Phineas leaned closer. “Me too, Cody Bellstrom. You know what you’ve done, don’t you?”

There was that worried look again. “What?”

“You’ve woken up Phanny Hill. No one’s been able to do that since Allen died. Until you came along.”

Cody’s eyes darkened. Phineas trembled as Cody bridged the distance between them and captured his lips in a long, lingering kiss. He found his fingers wound in Cody’s soft hair, holding on like he’d never let go. When Cody pulled back, he smiled such a tender smile Phineas wanted to cry.

“I’m glad she’s here,” Cody whispered.

He leaned in again, and Phineas let himself be held, kissed, and adored for the first time since Allen.


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