The Wicked Woods by Gow Kailin

The Wicked Woods by Gow Kailin

Author:Gow, Kailin [Gow, Kailin]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Publisher: theEDGEbooks.com
Published: 2010-11-24T06:00:00+00:00

Chapter 12

The days to homecoming passed, for Briony, in a haze of excitement and activity. She briefly saw Fallon every day at school and each time they met, they have had stolen kisses here and there. Fallon was one of the best kissers Briony have had, not that she had many, but he always left her feeling breathless and wanting more after they kissed. Briony was definitely falling for Fallon, whose presence near her was always comforting and secure, yet there was something there, too. Since the day of their first kiss, Briony had wondered what he meant by wanting to kiss her months ago? Until that day, she had only known Fallon for a few weeks, not months. But Briony never got around to ask him what he meant, as her days got busier and busier, and she quickly forgot about it. There was her schoolwork, her work at the diner, and the continued presence of her lessons with her aunt, but new things vied for her attention too.

There was the task of finding the right dress, for one thing. Briony certainly didn’t have anything to wear in her closet. Aunt Sophie was unexpectedly generous on that score, saying that she would pay for one and sending Briony off into town to find something that would work. When Briony suggested that Aunt Sophie might like to help her look, the older woman lit up, and they spent most of a day trailing around looking for something perfect.

What they actually found was Maisy, trying on dresses that didn’t really suit her in one of the local stores, and frowning while she did it.

“Why does nothing look right?” she demanded, as Briony passed. “It’s me, isn’t it? I’m too short and nerdy to ever look good.”

Briony put an arm around her. “You look fine. It’s just a question of finding something that suits you. Come on. I’ll help.”

They had a great time then, trying on different things, and to Briony’s surprise, Aunt Sophie seemed fine with Maisy around. If anything, she seemed happy that Briony was getting along with someone, and she actually chipped in with some fashion advice for Maisy too, though she spent most of her time skimming through the racks of clothes looking for something for Briony.

The results were impressive. Maisy twirled in a pretty green dress that made her look almost delicate, smiling broadly. It was the happiest Briony had seen her. As for the dress Briony’s great aunt passed her…

It was dark, and sleek, and fell almost to floor length in a swirl of pleats and folds. Above them, it gathered tightly with silver embroidery across the bodice and shoulders, leaving Briony’s arms bare. When she tried it on, her hair spilled across it, its lightness a highlight against the black of the fabric.

“How do I look?” Briony asked. Maisy actually gasped. Even Aunt Sophie nodded.

“Beautiful, dear. Come and see in the mirror. You too, Maisy.”

Standing beside one another it was like a study in contrasts. Maisy looked like a delightful fairy in the brightness of her dress.


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