The Vampire's Priceless Treasure (Nocturne Falls Book 11) by Kristen Painter

The Vampire's Priceless Treasure (Nocturne Falls Book 11) by Kristen Painter

Author:Kristen Painter [Painter, Kristen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Sugar Skull Books
Published: 2019-10-06T18:30:00+00:00

Greyson’s practical sense screamed at him to pull away. But that noise was quickly silenced as his desire won out. He leaned into Kora’s unexpected kiss, reveling in her happiness and the satisfaction of having worked as a team to figure the clue out.

But the incomparable pleasure of her mouth on his was what kept him connected to her. Kept him wanting more. Why had he thought this was a bad idea?

Because of her father. And the million dollars he’d promised.

But Greyson had never agreed to the deal. And he realized now that he never would. He couldn’t. Lucien had been good to him. And Greyson considered the man a friend. But Kora was becoming something so much more. Something worth the risk of angering Lucien.

At least he thought they could become so much more. He wanted the chance to explore that. As crazy as it sounded.

Lucien would have nothing to worry about when it came to Kora’s safety, though. He had to know that. Greyson would die for her, if need be. That desire to protect her was the same reason he wasn’t telling her about the Brotherhood just yet. She would worry. And worry could make a person careless.

She pulled back from the kiss, laughing a little. “Thanks for not turning away.”

“Why would I do that?”

She shrugged. “You’ve been a little cold since we got on the plane in Nocturne Falls. Well, not cold, exactly. But cool, I guess. Like you wanted distance from me. But maybe that was my imagination.”

So she’d noticed.

He didn’t want to tell her about the conversation with her father, and when he didn’t immediately offer an explanation, she sat back like he’d just proven something to her.

“It wasn’t my imagination.”

Greyson sighed a little. “I was trying to treat this like any other job I might do. I didn’t want my feelings to cloud my judgment. Or interfere with how I might react.”

She nodded, but didn’t look completely satisfied with that answer. “You think caring about me might make you less effective as a protector?”

“No, not that. But it might make me more…lenient. I might accept a bad decision I wouldn’t otherwise.”

Her eyes tapered down. “And of course, my father gave you specific instructions about how this was all supposed to go, right?”

Greyson wasn’t about to go down that road. He shrugged. “Your father just wants you safe. Any father would want that.”

“I suppose.” But her expression said she wasn’t quite buying his answer. “Shouldn’t you let the pilot know our game plan?”

“I should, yes. Then I’m going to shower.” He got up. “I can be ready to go in fifteen minutes. You?”


“Good.” He went toward the door, then stopped. “If you want a change of clothing, I’m sure Catherine’s things would fit you. Although they’re probably all too out of date to suit you.”

Her smile was easy and kind. “That’s a generous offer, but I can wait until I’m on the plane.”

He nodded and left. He’d never brought another woman to this apartment. Never considered it.


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