The Streets Have No King by JaQuavis Coleman

The Streets Have No King by JaQuavis Coleman

Author:JaQuavis Coleman
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: St. Martin's Press


This girl is a savage.


Kane lit his cigar as he watched Basil stare at the chess board, his index fingers slowly massaging his temples. Kane had finally found a worthy opponent and it was nothing like an easy Sunday morning slow game with cigars and family. Although Fat Rat had had a rough week, he was still there. They hadn’t missed a Sunday together since Kane had been out of prison. Fat Rat sat in the corner sipping cognac as he watched along. He still was sore from a few days before, but there was no way he was going to miss the Sunday dinner. Basil made his move and then sat back and relaxed. He took a sip of the scotch that was in front of him and then glanced at Kane. Stevie D was there as well, and Kane felt comfortable because it felt like old times, when he was knee deep in the game with his crew. Curtis Mayfield played faintly in the background as the fellas congregated.

“Your move,” Basil said as he looked over at Kane.

“Indeed,” Kane responded as he sat up and examined the board. “Are we all set on that other thing?”

“Yeah, everything is set up and all the product is in the streets. They loving that shit. Never seen anything like it. The way things are looking, we might need to re-up,” Basil said nonchalantly.

“Re-up?” Kane said as he frowned in disbelief. Basil calmly nodded his head in agreement, knowing that he was pulling off the unbelievable.

“That’s amazing. We are three weeks ahead of schedule,” Kane added.

“That’s right. The Detroit niggas are in love with that new pack. They can step on it a few times and it’s so strong, they customers don’t even feel the effect. This new shit that the Cartel got is like no other. You really plugged me with a gold mine,” Basil said.

“Very impressive,” Kane said, proud of the young man sitting before him. He knew that he was making the newest version of himself through his protégé. Kane looked at the Italian slacks and loafers that Basil wore and couldn’t help but smile. Basil had taken his advice and begun to look the part of a boss. Basil’s aura was changing and Kane was loving every bit of it. Fat Rat could see the change as well and the green-eyed monster began to slowly creep into the room. Fat Rat took a mental note to begin changing his ways or he might lose his position as Kane’s right hand. Fat Rat didn’t look at Basil in malice; he was more like a reminder to tighten up.

Kane never said a word to Fat Rat about what happened in the Irish district, not wanting to cause any more embarrassment than he already was going through.

“Dinner is done,” Moriah yelled from the kitchen.

“Okay, baby girl. Here we come,” Kane yelled back as he stood up and began to rub his hands together. He absolutely loved his daughter’s cooking and it always reminded him of her late mother.


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