The Silent Blade by R.A. Salvatore

The Silent Blade by R.A. Salvatore

Author:R.A. Salvatore [Ismeretlen]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: General, Fantasy, Fantasy Fiction, Forgotten Realms (Imaginary Place), Drizzt Do'Urden (Fictitious character), Fiction, Epic
ISBN: 9780786950546
Publisher: Random House, Inc.
Published: 2009-02-03T05:00:00+00:00

Chapter 11


Do not come here,” LaValle cried, and then he added softly, “I beg.”

Entreri merely continued to stare at the man, his expression unreadable.

“You wounded Kadran Gordeon,” LaValle went on. “In pride more than in body, and that, I warn you, is more dangerous by far.”

“Gordeon is a fool,” Entreri retorted.

“A fool with an army,” LaValle quipped. “No guild is more entrenched in the streets than the Basadonis. None have more resources, and all of those resources, I assure you, have been turned upon Artemis Entreri.”

“And upon LaValle, perhaps?” Entreri replied with a grin. “For speaking with the hunted man?”

LaValle didn’t answer the obvious question other than to continue to stare hard at Artemis Entreri, the man whose mere presence in his room this night might have just condemned him.

“Tell them everything they ask of you,” Entreri instructed. “Honestly. Do not try to deceive them for my sake. Tell them that I came here, uninvited, to speak with you and that I show no wounds for all their efforts.”

“You would taunt them so?”

Entreri shrugged. “Does it matter?”

LaValle had no answer to that, and so the assassin, with a bow, moved to the window and, defeating one trap with a flick of the wrist and carefully manipulating his body to avoid the others, slipped out to the wall and dropped silently to the street.

He dared to go by the Copper Ante that night, though only quickly and with no effort to actually enter the place. Still, he did make himself known to the door halflings. To his surprise, a short way down the alley at the side of the building, Dwahvel Tiggerwillies came out a secret door to speak with him.

“A battle-mage,” she warned. “Merle Pariso. With a reputation unparalleled in Calimport. Fear him, Artemis Entreri. Run from him. Flee the city and all of Calimshan.” And with that, she slipped through another barely detectable crack in the wall and was gone.

The gravity of her words and tone were not lost on the assassin. The mere fact that Dwahvel had come out to him, with nothing to gain and everything to lose-how could he repay the favor, after all, if he took her advice and fled the realm?-tipped him off that she had been instructed to so inform him, or at least, that this battle-mage was making no secret of the hunt.

So perhaps the wizard was a bit too cocksure, he told himself, but that, too, proved of little comfort. A battlemage! A wizard trained specifically in the art of magical warfare. Cocksure, and with a right to be. Entreri had battled, and killed, many wizards, but he understood the desperate truth of his present situation. A wizard was not so difficult an enemy for a seasoned warrior, as long as the warrior was able to prepare the battlefield favorably. That, too, was usually not difficult, since wizards were often, by nature, distracted and unprepared. Typically a wizard had to anticipate battle far in advance, at the beginning of the day, that he might prepare the appropriate spells.


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