The PhotoReading Whole Mind System by Paul Scheele

The PhotoReading Whole Mind System by Paul Scheele

Author:Paul Scheele
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: downsized, convert, brain-photoreading
Published: 2011-01-21T08:00:00+00:00

Take the five-day test

A revealing test you should consider reliably demonstrates the power of PhotoReading and doubles as a five-day plan for improving activation. Investing thirty minutes or less per day, the plan helps condition you to get what you want and need from books you PhotoRead. When you want a strong way to convince yourself that your brain can PhotoRead successfully, commit to following the plan.

Day 1 - Select a book you are interested in reading. Prepare and PhotoRead the book.

Day 2 - Prepare, preview for no more than two minutes, and PhotoRead the book. Postview for 15 to 20 minutes, including writing trigger words and questions you are eager to answer.

Day 3 - Prepare and PhotoRead. Then super read and dip so that you get through the entire book in the thirty minutes. Do not worry about comprehension. At the end, review your trigger words to get a feeling for how much recognition may be coming together for you.

Day 4 - Prepare and PhotoRead. Spend the rest of the thirty minutes super reading and dipping or skittering the entire book, at a pace that will get you through the book by the end of the session. Again, look at your trigger words, and formulate additional questions following the mind probing technique.

Day 5 - Prepare and PhotoRead. Look at the Table of Contents and go to the sections that you feel you need more information. Super read and dip or skitter to answer specific questions. Rapid read if you do not have specific questions but want more information. Save ten minutes at the end to mind map the book. Keep it simple, limiting the amount of detail. The goal is not to mind map the entire contents of the book, but to mind map the book as it relates to your purpose for choosing the book in the first place.

At this point you have spent two hours plus a bit. Most people will see the book coming together for them. Many feel they have enough information and that they know the book. The goal is not to know the book 100 percent—that doesn't even happen with regular reading. You may want to spend two more "Day 4s," but it is likely you will say that you know everything in the book you need. You may find it fun to review your mind map after a few days to recognize your grasp of the material. Overall, you should finish with the book in about one-third the time it would take to read the book in the traditional manner.


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