The Persian Gamble by Joel C. Rosenberg

The Persian Gamble by Joel C. Rosenberg

Author:Joel C. Rosenberg
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: FICTION / Thrillers / Political, FICTION / Thrillers / Military
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
Published: 2019-03-12T04:00:00+00:00

Acting President Mikhail Borisovich Petrovsky did not stand when his FSB director arrived.

Rather he sat behind the desk from which Luganov had ruled Russia with an iron fist since the first day of the first month of the first year of the new millennium.

Kropatkin knew the new president’s first call had been to Pyongyang to get the Dear Leader’s pledge of allegiance to him and his new regime, which had come instantly. Kropatkin also knew no mention had been made of the nuclear warheads about which Petrovsky still knew nothing. The next call had been to Tehran. The Grand Ayatollah’s loyalty to the Kremlin was also immediately forthcoming, though he, too, avoided any mention of the deal with Pyongyang. The next call would be to the president of the United States, and Petrovsky was seething.

“Why did your people not intercept this call Oleg Stefanovich was making?”

“My people find no evidence of such a call, Your Excellency,” Nikolay Kropatkin replied.

“Then why did the Americans give us these coordinates?” Petrovsky demanded. “Why would they intervene in this situation at all?”

“I wish I had a conclusive answer to that, Mikhail Borisovich, but I’m afraid at the moment I have only a theory.”

“Which is what?”

“Perhaps Oleg Stefanovich was speaking on a secure satellite phone—one built by the Americans.”

“With whom?”

“Perhaps with the man we suspect he was in collusion with, an American by the name of Marcus Ryker.”

“And who is he?”

The FSB chief realized Petrovsky hadn’t been read in on the details of the FSB’s investigation. Luganov and Nimkov were the only ones outside of a handful of FSB agents and investigators who had known about Ryker, and no sooner had they been briefed than Oleg had shot them both in cold blood.

“Ryker is a former Marine, a combat veteran who later served in the U.S. Secret Service.”

“Why would you believe this Ryker has any connection?”

Kropatkin gave a quick summary of the case. Kraskin had first met Ryker in Berlin years earlier. Ryker had come to Moscow as the head of Senator Robert Dayton’s security detail and had participated in the meeting with Luganov. Nothing seemed amiss at the time, but then Kraskin mysteriously checked into the Hotel National in the wee hours after the meeting. He claimed to be having a rendezvous with his wife, Marina, who confirmed the story. But Kraskin had asked for a specific room, directly next to Ryker’s room. By sunup, Ryker was making an unscheduled visit to the U.S. Embassy. By that afternoon, Dayton and his delegation were flying back to Washington. And within hours of their arrival, President Clarke had ordered a massive reinforcement of U.S. and other NATO military forces into Poland and the Baltics.

“President Luganov was convinced there was a mole operating at the highest levels inside his government,” Kropatkin finished.

“How could I forget?” Petrovsky said. “I received the brunt of his fury.”

“You did, sir. Some in his cabinet—not you, perhaps, but several ministers—were dismissive of the concern. Several expressed to me in private that Clarke didn’t need a mole to be concerned for the Baltics.


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