The New Flesh by Deininger Keith

The New Flesh by Deininger Keith

Author:Deininger, Keith [Deininger, Keith]
Language: eng
Format: mobi
Tags: occult, horror, nightmares, supernatural, dreams, suspense, thriller
Publisher: DarkFuse
Published: 2013-05-29T23:00:00+00:00

* * *

“You know why I like you, Harlan?” Grace said when they got back to his apartment.

“Why’s that?”

“I like that I can be myself around you.” Grace walked to the middle of the living room, turned, and casually brushed the straps on her dress over the sides of her shoulders. She wiggled slightly and her dress fluttered down to her feet. She was standing there in nothing but her panties and heels, her dress pooled at her feet, her hip cocked slightly to one side.

Harlan gaped. He was always caught off guard by Grace’s spontaneous sexual hungers. He could feel himself stiffening uncomfortably in his slacks.

“I want you to hit me, Harlan.”

“Hit you?”

Grace approached him slowly. “Yes. I want you to hit me. Be rough with me. Do whatever you want. I’m yours.”

Grace stood close to him, her face inches from his; her breath tinged with the garlic-heavy Italian food they’d eaten at the restaurant and something else, but already he didn’t care. He could feel her hands on him, unzipping his pants, pulling him out, stroking him gently.

He moaned as she knelt and drew him into her mouth. She sucked him down her throat, all the way to the base.

Grace released him and stood. They kissed and he slipped a hand up to fondle her breast, running his fingers lightly over her cold and erect nipple. She took a step back and their eyes met for a second.

She slapped him hard across the face.

Harlan shrieked and pulled back, stunned. “What the fuck…” he heard himself saying. He felt distant, like it wasn’t real. A cold, tingling sensation crept up his body, from the base of his leg, up through him.

“You bitch,” his mouth said, and his fingers clutched tightly into a fist.

Grace stood, never flinching, as his fist came up and around in a wide arc. His knuckles connected with the side of her face and Grace went down. She looked up at him on hands and knees from the floor, her eyes smoldering pools of black.

He kicked her and she fell sprawling onto her back. He threw his pants down and kicked the wad with his pants and shoes off to the side. He tore his shirt free.

“Is this what you want,” he was saying. “Is this what you fucking want?”

Grace writhed and moaned on the floor.

He ripped her panties from her hips to reveal the pink flesh beneath.

He fell on top of her, a growl in the back of his throat, and blacked out.


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