The Measby Murder Enquiry

The Measby Murder Enquiry

Author:Purser, Ann
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: PENGUIN group
Published: 2011-03-21T16:00:00+00:00

DEIRDRE WAS ON her way back from Measby. It was lunchtime, but she was not hungry, and headed for Springfields, where she could get handover details of the blackmailer from Alwen Jones. The silly woman had been cagey about this, reluctant even, but Deirdre was certain she had details, and probably knew more than she had told the others. For a start, why hadn’t she gone to the police?

But Deirdre was not concerned with that now. She had already arranged for the ransom money to be available, and, if all else failed, had decided without a qualm to pay for the release of Augustus Halfhide.

A tiny rabbit ran in front of her car, and she braked hard, coming to a standstill while it leapt into the verge. At that moment, her mobile chimed. Her heart raced as she put it to her ear.

“Deirdre? Gus here. Don’t say anything. Just listen. Do not pay the ransom, not on any account. And for God’s sake don’t go to the police. It won’t help, and could mean danger for us all. I shall be—” The phone was disconnected, but not until Deidre heard raised voices and the sound of distant traffic.

She was shaking violently but immediately dialled for the number of the latest incoming call. An infuriating woman’s voice said, “The caller withheld their number,” and Deirdre slammed her mobile down on the seat beside her, and drove slowly forward. Gus must have had a few minutes’ freedom and found a telephone. That wretched automatic message was just bad luck.

So she must not hand over money. It wouldn’t help, he had said. What else was he going to say, before his kidnappers had caught up with him? And what would they have done to him now as a result?

So, first to Springfields, and then back home to think.


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