The Maddie Diaries by Maddie Ziegler

The Maddie Diaries by Maddie Ziegler

Author:Maddie Ziegler
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Gallery Books

Dear Maddie

I feel like I’m always eating junk. I’m so busy—what can I eat on the run?

I’m big on protein bars—there is always an assortment in my bag along with a banana and a big bottle of water. They’re my go-to “on the go” snacks. If I have more time, I might pack a small container of blueberries or chopped strawberries and some granola. I know a lot of people eat Greek yogurt on the run. It’s super healthy and full of protein, but I’ve never liked it very much. Unless it’s key lime flavor—that one I love. If I’m at dance and I need to grab dinner, my mom will bring me a grilled chicken breast and some broccoli. You can also do a roll-up of turkey with some cheese. The point is to prepare ahead of time, so you’re not hitting the vending machine for candy or the drive-thru for a double cheeseburger and fries. If you stock up your home with healthy snacks, you’ll be able to eat on the run much healthier.

I think this girl in my studio is a terrible dancer, and she just got the lead in our studio showcase. I don’t understand! I’m so much better than her, and it makes me mad.

The best dancers don’t always get the biggest parts. That’s just how it goes. You may be technically a better dancer than she is, but maybe she is more “suited” to the part—like maybe she’s a good actor, or has a great work ethic, or she’s simply the right height or fits the costume better. Try not to take it personally and keep working hard—it won’t go unnoticed. Sometimes you don’t know what a choreographer or teacher is looking for. This time, whatever it was, she had it. There will be other opportunities for you to shine.

I messed up big-time. We were doing a jazz group dance at a competition, and I totally blanked and forgot the steps. I ruined the dance for everyone and we lost. Now I’m worried my team is going to hate me!

If you’re a team, they won’t blame or hate you. It happens to everyone. I’ve forgotten my steps; every single girl on my team has. Don’t feel guilty, and don’t assume that you’re the reason for losing; other people may have messed up, too. So you didn’t win? So what? Next time you’ll do better—think of this as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Why did you forget the steps? Did you practice enough? Get enough sleep the night before? Did you get nervous onstage? Figure it out so you can fix it, then move on.


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