The Lost Traveller by Sheila Connolly

The Lost Traveller by Sheila Connolly

Author:Sheila Connolly
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books

Chapter Eighteen

Business dragged through the day, and Maura was beginning to feel panicky. Had finding the body so close really had that big an impact? Or had all the tourists suddenly decided that West Cork had lost its charm and gone somewhere else, or decided to stay in Dublin? Was it because Rose wasn’t around as much, and all the male patrons came in only to see her and chat? (Maura wondered fleetingly whether wearing makeup herself could possibly make a difference.) This was the peak season, wasn’t it? Tomorrow night, with a middling-hot band scheduled, would be the real test.

But now she was at loose ends. Rose was at the café in Skibbereen, picking up some hours serving, and she’d be in after the lunch rush. That left her and Mick to cover the bar. Could she duck out on him again? She felt she was doing that an awful lot lately, but now she wanted to go talk to Siobhan over at Crann Mor about how they recruited staff there. Of course, the luxury hotel wanted a higher class of servers than she did, but maybe they’d be willing to direct the rejected applicants her way.

Better do it now, in case it got busy later. “Mick? Do you mind covering for an hour or two? I want to run over to Crann Mor and ask how they find their staff.”

Mick looked around the room: the sole customer was Billy, although it was still short of the lunch hour. “I think I can manage. Take yer mobile and I’ll give you a ring if a busload of people show up.”

“Thanks. Rose should be in after two, but I’ll be back by then.”

She hurried out to her car and pointed herself toward Skibbereen. She’d discovered the back way to the Crann Mor road, which made getting there simpler and faster. Plus, it was a prettier drive, and she wasn’t in a hurry …

Maybe she should have called for an appointment. Or maybe the hotel used some sort of recruiting agency, which would be great for them but wouldn’t help her at all. Or maybe every person in the county already had a job if they wanted one and wasn’t looking for a new one, and she was up a creek. Stop it, Maura! she chided herself. There are people around here who need jobs—you just have to find them.

She arrived at the hotel after ten minutes and walked into the lobby. Since the JBCo group, which had recently purchased the hotel and land and was busy polishing it up, had increased their active participation in running the place, it was looking cleaner and brighter already. She’d have to ask if business had picked up—did they advertise? How? Not that annoying Internet again—but she had to admit that from all she’d heard, that was how hotels booked their guests these days.

Luckily, Siobhan O’Mahoney was working at the front desk, managing to look both competent and welcoming. Maura walked up to the desk and said, “Hi, Siobhan.


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