The Journey to the West, Revised Edition, Volume 4 by The Journey to the West Volume 4

The Journey to the West, Revised Edition, Volume 4 by The Journey to the West Volume 4

Author:The Journey to the West Volume 4
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: University of Chicago Press


Masters and lions,1 teachers and pupils, all return to the One;

Thieves and the Dao, snares and Buddhism, quiet Ninefold-Numina.

We were telling you about the Great Sage Sun, who went out of the city with Eight Rules and Sha Monk. When they met the monster-spirits face to face, they found them to be a bunch of lions of various colors: Yellow Lion Spirit led in front, with Suanyi Lion and Elephant-Baiter on his left, Baize Lion and Wildcat on his right, and Gibbon-Lion and Snow Lion at the back. In the middle of the group was a nine-headed lion, and by his side was the fiend, Child Blue Face, holding a brocade pennant with raised floral patterns. Child Shifty-and-Freaky and Child Freaky-and-Shifty held high two red banners as they all stood in an orderly fashion to the north.

Eight Rules, always foolhardy, walked up to them and began to abuse them, saying, “You larcenous fiend! Where did you go to collect these several hairy lumps to come here?”

“You lawless and vicious bonze!” cried the Yellow Lion Spirit, baring his teeth. “Yesterday three of you attacked one of me, and I was defeated. Wasn’t that enough that you had the upper hand? Why did you have to be so cruel as to burn down my cave-dwelling, ruin my mountain home, and harm all my relatives? My animosity toward you is deep as the sea! Don’t run away! Have a taste of your venerable father’s shovel.” Dear Eight Rules! He met the lion with upraised rake.

The two of them had just come together, and no decision could yet be reached when the Gibbon-Lion, wielding an iron caltrop, and the Snow Lion Spirit, using a three-cornered club,2 also advanced to attack. “Welcome!” shouted Eight Rules, and on his side, Sha Monk quickly took out his fiend-routing staff to lend his assistance. Then Suanyi Spirit, Baize Spirit, Elephant-Baiter, and Wildcat all surged forward, and they were met by the Great Sage Sun grasping his golden-hooped rod. Suanyi used a cudgel, Baize a bronze mallet, Elephant-Baiter a steel lance, and Wildcat a battle ax. Those seven lion-spirits and these three savage priests thus had quite a battle!

Mallet, cudgel, lance, and three-cornered club,

Four-lights shovel, iron caltrop, and an ax3—

Seven lions with seven weapons sharp

Encircle three priests as they roar and shout.

Vicious is the Great Sage’s iron rod

And rare among men, Sha Monk’s treasure staff.

Eight Rules, as if plague-ridden, sallies forth

With a radiant muckrake that terrifies.

Back and front they parry as they ply their might;

Left and right they charge for they’re fearless all.

Princes on the rampart now lend their strength

By beating gongs and drums to rouse their hearts.

Pressing back and forth they use magic power

And fight till Heaven and Earth grow obscure.

Those monster-spirits fought for half a day with the Great Sage and his two companions, and it became late. Eight Rules was foaming at the mouth, and his legs were gradually weakening. With a last halfhearted wave of his rake, he turned to flee.

“Where are you off to? Watch out!” cried Snow Lion and Gibbon-Lion.


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