The Hunt for the North Star by A.J. MacKenzie

The Hunt for the North Star by A.J. MacKenzie

Author:A.J. MacKenzie
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 9781788633055
Publisher: Canelo Digital Publishing Ltd
Published: 2019-06-10T16:00:00+00:00

* * *

‘Do you believe him?’ Robinson asked.

They were in the attorney general’s office. ‘There’s only one way to know for certain,’ said MacLea. ‘Give him what he wants, and see what he says.’

Robinson gazed out of the window for a moment. ‘Your earlier informant said that Polaris is a member of the Assembly. As is Street. Might he himself be Polaris?’

‘The thought crossed my mind,’ said MacLea. ‘But if he is, why go through this charade? And I don’t think Polaris would have taken the risk of meeting Fraser in broad daylight. I think Street is genuine.’

‘If so, it means that not just one Assemblyman but two have been betraying us,’ said Robinson. He looked faintly sick at the thought. ‘And if there are two, how many more? How far does the rot spread?’

‘If we take Polaris, we can find out,’ MacLea said.

Robinson turned back to look at him. ‘Very well. We shall do as you suggest. I will arrange the safe conduct and see it delivered to you, and ask Major Clerk at the fort to provide an escort. A closed sledge and a file of Niagara Dragoons will suffice, I think. But I won’t be able to arrange that by the end of the day. We have no cavalry here in York; the dragoons will have to come up from Ancaster.’

‘Street said a written guarantee would suffice. He trusts me, apparently. We also need troops to surround the hotel so Polaris cannot escape. Thank God Colonel Lawrence is still away and won’t be able to interfere. Can you ask Major Clerk to send a detachment?’

The attorney general nodded. ‘It shall be done.’

‘And you will be at the ball yourself? Good. As soon as Street gives me the name, I will come and tell you, and you can make the arrest.’

‘And what about Street?’ Robinson asked. ‘We need to keep him somewhere secure until the escort arrives. Once Polaris is in custody, his other agents might work out who betrayed him, and come looking for revenge.’

MacLea looked at him. ‘You are very concerned about the welfare of a spy and a traitor, sir.’

‘Say rather that I would like the chance to interrogate him further about his relations with Polaris and other members of the gang,’ said Robinson. ‘Street could be useful to us. I should like to take him into protective custody. A cell in the gaol, perhaps, or at the fort.’

MacLea shook his head. ‘Those are the first places Polaris’s confederates will look.’

‘A hotel, then.’

‘And those are the second places they will look. A hotel is too visible. We need to keep him out of sight.’

‘Then it will have to be a private house,’ said Robinson. ‘Is there anyone you trust?’

MacLea thought for a moment. ‘Perhaps it would be best if he came here, sir. If you could bear to host him for a time. Will your servants be discreet?’

Robinson looked startled. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘There is no one in the household that I do not trust, and I have plenty of room.


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