The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens by Linda A. Chisholm & Michael D. Garber

The History of Landscape Design in 100 Gardens by Linda A. Chisholm & Michael D. Garber

Author:Linda A. Chisholm & Michael D. Garber
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Workman Publishing
Published: 2018-10-09T16:00:00+00:00

Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens

Annapolis Royal, Canada

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia, may be a long way from London, but the city and its residents participated fully in the Victorian prosperity of the British Empire. The Canadian city founded in 1605 was the first English-speaking settlement in North America and became an important port. As did other parts of the empire, Nova Scotia adopted the garden design styles popular in England at the time. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens feature the history of Nova Scotia including its Mi’kmaq Indian and French Acadian settlements, British colonial rule, and its nineteenth-century designation as a Canadian province.

On a smaller scale and with a less formal layout than Cliveden, the Historic Gardens sparkle with brightly colored beds of exotics and annuals in the Victorian section. A popular Victorian shape preserved today at Annapolis Royal is the long and narrow ribbon bed. Exotics such as coleus were much sought and proudly displayed.

As its name implies, Nova Scotia was largely settled by Scots, many driven from Scotland during the eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Highland Clearances. In this cruel action, small tenant farmers, called crofters, were driven out by the landowning lairds who believed sheep farming would be more profitable. Those who could scrape together the cost of passage to begin life anew in the New World brought seeds and cuttings, their farming and gardening skills, and their preferred landscape styles. Heather and heath which cover the Scottish Highlands may have been among their possessions, a reminder of the home they had been forced to leave.


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