The Errant King by Wayne Batson & Laura Johnson

The Errant King by Wayne Batson & Laura Johnson

Author:Wayne Batson & Laura Johnson [Batson, Wayne & Johnson, Laura]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Epic Fantasy
Amazon: B07C1HWZCF
Publisher: Spearhead Books
Published: 2018-04-05T22:00:00+00:00

Chapter 25: Pain of Death

“Black words will be spoken, and chains will be broken. Sabryne’s Bride, Blightsoul, the very Heart of Evil, will awaken. The Sevenfold Curse will devour peace as a voraelion strips the flesh from its prey.”

-From the Book of Future Things added to Canticles during the Council of Shepherds 1770 AO, Barde Richter (r. 1572 AO). Disputed in 4587 AO by Barde Cliven (r. 4280 AO) who wanted the Book of Future Things removed from scriptural canon. Cliven’s movement was overruled by the Shepherd Council.


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