The Education of Augie Merasty by Joseph Auguste Merasty

The Education of Augie Merasty by Joseph Auguste Merasty

Author:Joseph Auguste Merasty
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: University of Regina Press
Published: 2017-02-10T20:52:18+00:00


Brotherly Love

and the Fatherland

There was an old German Brother by the name of Johannes Verwelkend (pronounced Fair-Velkend). He was about sixty-five years old when I started school, and he had been there since 1927 as a shoemaker. He was given a shoe-repair shop directly above the blacksmith shop where he worked with a big machine on the heaviest of rubber and shoe leather. Some of the things my uncles told me about him before I arrived at the school were a little hard to believe. Then I met him.

He liked to be surrounded by a bunch of boys from the youngest to the oldest at his machine. My uncles had warned me not to get too close to Brother Verwelkend, as he was a bad example to all boys, and he always seemed to enjoy what the boys were doing to him. He took the blue ribbon for bad example for little boys. Here is a story about him.

My uncles and others had told me that Brother Johannes, as we called him, used to tell a group of boys that there was nothing wrong with a little pohtitiyīhikī, which is Cree for corn-holing or sodomy, and he was still saying those words when I got there. Sixty-five years or so later, I still have a lot to say about Johannes Verwelkend.

Apparently he never wore any underwear or shorts of any type, not when he went to work in his shop, which was only two hundred feet from the school. We all found this out and discovered as well that he would deliberately slit his black pants between his legs, about eight to ten inches, right at the crotch area, and let his testicles hang out to air, as he often told us boys. He could not stand to keep them in, they got too hot or something. Of course, we boys believed whatever he said.

A couple of boys used to love to squeeze his bag to the enjoyment of Brother Verwelkend, who was loving every squeeze. Every now and then the man would let out a low moan and then a great howl, and tell the boy squeezing his nuts to take it easy. “Not too hard, please, go ahead and touch me but don’t do it too hard.” Lots of other boys, even the bigger ones, also got a lot of kicks from squeezing his testicles. “Easy,” he would urge his boys, laughingly, if not lovingly. “Not too hard, please, not too hard.”

This happened almost on a daily basis, and yet he went to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion every morning with the rest of the sisters and brothers. In my book, he was an emeritus of immorality, and no doubt he had an everlasting impact on many young boys. There very well may have been others in the administration with the same habit, but things were kept under cover.

He used to hold at least one of the boys back to stay with him after we were gone to school.


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