The Devils Do (Chaos of the Covenant Book 3) by M.R. Forbes

The Devils Do (Chaos of the Covenant Book 3) by M.R. Forbes


Author:M.R. Forbes [Forbes, M.R.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-04-09T16:00:00+00:00


Olus could barely stand by the time his ride reached the closest access point to the Museum that was still open to the public. The meds Dilixix had given him had worn off and left him in a pretty bad state, his heart thumping and his head spinning, to go with his difficulties maintaining balance. He had no idea how he was going to stop whatever Davis was planning from taking place like this.

He was glad the Plixian had given him a few extra shots.

He dumped another pair of pills into his hand, looking at them hesitantly. He needed to be conservative with them. The first pair had lasted about twenty minutes, and he was still a ten minute walk away. And even once he reached the front of the Museum, he would need to find a way in. Security might have let him past yesterday, before he had become almost as much of a fugitive as Abbey and the other Rejects. There was no way that would happen now.

Not unless he did something underhanded.

He was okay with that.

He kept the pills in his hand and started walking, joining the individuals who were being shunted around the path near the Museum, making his way closer to the site one shaky step at a time. The event was supposed to begin at nine, and it was already eight-thirty. He knew from experience if something bad were going to go down it would happen right away, not at the tail end of the night. Violence had a tendency to be impatient. He could only hope that one of the Council members arrived late and delayed the proceedings for a few minutes, buying him time to figure out Davis’ play.

He thought about Zoey and Gyo as he walked. Forty years ago, he wouldn’t have registered his part in their deaths at all. He was nothing but a machine back then. A killing machine. An elite assassin. Time behind a desk had changed him. Time with a team. Time learning about them and caring about them. He had done what he thought he had to do, but he still hated himself for it. He still felt responsible for them. He couldn’t bring them back to life, but he could make sure they hadn’t died for nothing. It drove him to keep moving, to keep going even when his body was telling him it was done.

Dilixix should have warned him about the side effects of the pills. She should have told him they would exhaust him. Would it have changed anything? They had saved his life, but they were costing him now.

He put his arm out, catching himself on a wall and catching a look from a passerby. He probably looked drunk to them. He pushed himself back up and kept going, concentrating on each step. One at a time. It was the best he could do.

The minutes passed. So did the distance. He closed within a block of the Museum. He could see the lights and hear the murmur of an assembled crowd.


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