The Day After Never: A Time Travel Adventure (In Times Like These Book 3) by Nathan Van Coops

The Day After Never: A Time Travel Adventure (In Times Like These Book 3) by Nathan Van Coops

Author:Nathan Van Coops [Coops, Nathan Van]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Tags: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Science Fiction, Adventure, Time Travel, Teen & Young Adult, Metaphysical & Visionary
Amazon: B01HJDDOJO
Publisher: Skylighter Press
Published: 2016-07-12T04:00:00+00:00

Cornwall, UK, 2165

This is my second experience riding in a driverless car and, like the first time, I’m totally clueless about how to use it. Tucket has given it some guidance via the metaspace and the vehicle seems happy to comply, but I couldn’t begin to direct it myself. There are a few handles and knobs that look like emergency systems, but nothing lends itself to steering or even tuning the radio. It makes me wonder how I would survive in this decade without Tucket’s help.

“I guess they don’t design these for old school time travelers,” I say. “I’d never get out of the parking lot without a perceptor.”

Tucket processes what I’ve said, but then turns to the back of the seat and pops a panel loose. “Actually they do. They put a meta headset in here as a backup, in case someone is having issues with theirs.” He extracts a contraption that looks like a pair of sunglasses mated with orthodontic head gear, and hands it to me.

“I can wear this?” I fiddle with the unit, finagling it over my eyes and ears.

Tucket makes an adjustment for me and nods. “Yeah. That will work for you. Most people don’t like them though. You never really know who used them last. Kind of like playing pathogen roulette.”

I stare at him. “You tell me this now?”

He rummages around in the seat some more and comes up with some antibacterial hand wipes. “Oh. Here you go.”

I swipe the towelette out of his hand and rip the head gear off my head to get it clean. Tucket watches me for a moment, then hands me three more wipes.

Seated in the comfortable, rear-facing seat, I adjust to watching the world vanish behind me. It seems to parallel my life at the moment, blindly racing into the future while everything I’ve ever known vanishes into the past behind me. As the car makes its way onto the super expressway, the view out the window becomes a nerve-wracking blur. Tucket dims the windows on his side and slouches in the chair diagonal to me, eyes focused on some distant or imagined horizon.

I get the headset clean and readjust it, watching the horizon populate itself with images and streaming messages. I’m able to select different buildings and learn about them. I can follow links on virtual billboards to interactive websites, I can even select the vehicles around us to send them messages or learn about their occupants. The nicer looking cars are registered to individual owners and much of their information is private, but there are plenty of other public vehicles.

One car full of kids in the parallel lane sends me a chat invitation full of wiggling animal emoticons. When I click on it, the emoticons come alive and bounce around inside the car, cats chasing monkeys and some sort of green ogre that stops every few seconds to blow its nose. The kids in the car are laughing and pointing. Finally one of their parents notices what they’ve done and makes them close the link between our cars.


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