The Bonus by A.J. Adams

The Bonus by A.J. Adams

Author:A.J. Adams [Adams, A.J.]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pronoun
Published: 2017-03-28T23:00:00+00:00

Chapter 9 Kyle

When I woke up, the sun was streaming in the window. I could hear the sound of the juicer in the kitchen. Chloe was making fresh orange juice. It’s one of my favourite drinks but I don’t make it often, because cleaning the machine is a pain in the ass. Since Chloe moved in, I’d had it every day.

I took a shower, knowing that she’d come running as soon as she heard the water running. She’d be hovering outside, waiting to see if I wanted her. Of course I wanted her! Who doesn’t want a beautiful girl in the shower first thing in the day? But this wasn’t coming from Chloe. This was one of the things Rimjob liked. Now she was mine, I was determined to break her of all those fuckbot habits.

I opened the shower stall door, and there she was, waiting for me with a big smile. It had taken just that first day to break her from standing about looking at her feet, but she’d looked nervous a lot of the time. Today the smile was a beam that lit up her face, making her eyes sparkle.

She was so beautiful, that I instantly forgot what I was going to say. I put my arms around her, soaking the towel and her in equal measure. She hummed as I kissed her. The flowery scent of that soap she likes hung all around her. I was rock solid and ready to go. Then I remembered: this wasn’t really her.

“Pitufa,” I began gently.

But Chloe was giggling and rubbing up against me lasciviously. “Is that for me?”

She was looking down at my cock. This wasn’t the fuckbot, this was all Chloe.


“Awesome.” She was laughing. “Get it? Awesome giant knob! It’s a pun!”

That was enough to convince me that a workout wouldn’t be a bad idea after all. Yeah, I know. I’m easy. So sue me.

By the time we got to the orange juice, it was almost lunchtime but Chloe had everything ready for a pancake breakfast - another one of my favourite things. She’d even prepared side orders of bacon and maple syrup. It’s just as well I’m fucking her three times a day. If I weren’t, I’d be so fat that my dick would have rolls.

While she was doing the dishes, I gave Arturo a call. Rimjob had gone to Mexico City, promising to be back to pick up his five ki’s on the way back. He hadn’t told Arturo much, except for saying he dealt with Rodriguez, a lieutenant with the Gulf.

“Chloe’s going to tell me everything she knows,” I told Arturo, “but her beat was the Far East so I don’t think she’ll know much.”

“Get her to list potential buyers,” Arturo said. “We’ve got a bumper crop, and we could do with some foreign currency. Chinese Yuan, Japanese Yen, and Singapore Dollars. I’ll take some Malaysian Ringgit, and some Indian Rupees too - if the deal’s right.”

From the sound of him, Arturo was feeling good.


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