The Boney Hand by Karen Kane

The Boney Hand by Karen Kane

Author:Karen Kane
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Disney Book Group
Published: 2019-06-03T16:00:00+00:00

The next morning Charlie was bleary-eyed.

But not Grandma and Grandpa Tickler. Dressed in their detective outfits, they were playing cards at the kitchen table when Charlie came downstairs.

“Morning,” said Yvette. “Heard you had an interesting time last night.”

“It was an adventure!” said Grandma as Yvette served her scrambled eggs.

“Ayuh!” said Grandpa as he bit into his toast.

“Exciting is right, Irving!” said Grandma. “Charlie, we’re ready to start searching again this morning.”

Charlie cringed as he remembered driving around the village the night before. It had been Charlie’s turn to lie low in his seat as his grandparents shined their flashlights out of the taxi windows in sweeping arcs, blinding villagers and visitors alike as Grandma shouted, “Anyone seen a hand?”

And then there was what Boris had said to Charlie. What had Boris meant by that? And why was Charlie feeling guilty when he had no reason to feel that way?

“I have school this morning,” said Charlie as he sat down.

“We don’t need the B team,” said Grandma. “The A team has this case under control!”

“The A Team needs to eat their eggs before they get cold,” said Yvette as she placed eggs and toast in front of Charlie. The eggs had bits and pieces of something unknown scrambled in with them. It didn’t look good, but Yvette’s cooking always tasted good.

“Thank you, Yvette,” said Charlie. “What do you mean you have this case under control, Grandma?”

“Irving and I made a plan last night. First, we’re going back to the scene of the crime, Cornelius van Dyke’s maple tree. And then”—Grandma Tickler took a sip of milk—“we are going to make someone confess!”

Charlie stopped buttering his toast.

“Confess?” he said. “How?”

“We’re going to pin the guilty person to the wall,” said Grandma. “That’s detective talk.”


“But,” said Charlie, desperate to find some reasonableness this morning, “how would you even know if someone is guilty?”

“Oh, we can tell if someone is guilty,” said Grandma, “by how that person looks!”

Yvette turned around from the sink. “How in the world can you do that, Irma?”

“We have eyes, Yvette!”


“That’s not how you really see someone,” said Yvette.

“How else would you see someone?”

“You have to know them!” said Yvette.

“We don’t have time for that, do we, Irving? We have a bony hand to find and a suspect to catch!”

“Grandma,” said Charlie, “promise me you won’t do anything until I get home. Please? For me?” Charlie gave her his best grandson smile, the one that he had seen TV grandsons give their TV grandparents when they wanted something.

Grandma and Grandpa looked at each other and then looked at Charlie. To Charlie’s relief, they both nodded. As he ate his toast, he considered who could be his and Frog’s next suspect.

They had to have a suspect.

The other options—Frog thinking Charlie was the main suspect or, even worse, that the Boney Hand was really alive—were unthinkable.

“While we’re waiting for you,” said Grandma, interrupting Charlie’s thoughts, “Irving and I can work on solving our other mystery.”

Charlie stopped eating. “What other mystery?”

“The Mystery of the Missing Remote Control!” said Grandma.


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