The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

The Billionaire Bad Boys Club by Emma Holly

Author:Emma Holly
Language: eng
Format: mobi, epub
Tags: Romance
ISBN: 9780984916276
Publisher: Emma Holly
Published: 2012-10-23T21:00:00+00:00


Buck House

REBECCA hadn’t officially agreed to anything, but that didn’t seem to matter. Trey told the valet to bring Zane’s car around the back, and Zane carried her to it. Fortunately, the silver convertible was a four-door. She and Trey fit in the rear seat.

“This isn’t necessary,” she said as Trey arranged her with her head resting on his lap.

She was curled on her side, which seemed less helpless than lying on her back. Free to do so, Trey ran one hand soothingly down her tense muscles. His palm was warm, and it really did make her feel better. She steeled herself against liking it too much as Zane pulled out of the Lounge’s lot.

“At least tell me you’re taking me home,” she said.

“We are,” Zane assured her. “Our home.”

This stunned her. “Not that mansion in Lexington!”

“What’s wrong with Lexington?” Trey finger-combed her hair.

“Everybody says it’s Sodom and Gomorrah, that you throw wild sex parties on weekends.”

Zane snickered and shifted gears.

“If they claim that,” Trey said, “they’ve never been invited.”

This wasn’t the same as saying there weren’t wild parties. “I am so not interested in orgies.”

“Not even to watch?” Zane teased.

“No!” she denied too hotly. She’d have watched him and Trey getting it on with each other any day of the week.

“Don’t worry,” Trey said, returning to making seductive passes along her spine. “Zane and I only want you to play with us. When we’re really into someone, we’re not inclined to share.”

“How do you know?” Rebecca demanded. “You implied you’ve never, er, done the same woman at the same time. Maybe you’d change your mind.”

Zane burst out laughing in the front seat. “You could turn worrying into a superpower.”

“It’s a legitimate concern!”

“Of course it is,” Trey crooned. “You’ll be the boss, Rebecca. Any time you want to call a halt, we will.”

Calling a halt wasn’t the same as calling the shots. Moreover, it suggested there’d be an activity she might want to call a halt to. She remembered the game Zane played with her and his belt in this very car. She pressed her thighs together, also remembering how she’d responded. She thought she’d noticed Trey’s breathing accelerating as he restrained her wrists tonight. Was he into bondage too? When they’d had their wild monkey sex in the Lounge’s kitchen, hadn’t his style been controlling? Her pussy simmered at the flashback, a new and softer ache distracting her from the one in her back muscles.

“Uh,” she said, “just how sexually adventurous are you two?”

Trey’s reassuring hand chafed her shoulder. “Why don’t we cross that bridge when we come to it?”

Rebecca’s inner muscles twitched. She wasn’t the only one to react to this conversation. The flesh her head rested on was stirring. Trey was getting an erection. So was Zane. The angle she was curled up in allowed her to see between the front seats. Zane had just tugged his trousers to give his cock more room.

The heat that poured through her then was incredible.

“Oh my God,” she couldn’t help murmuring.


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