The Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman

The Bells of Old Tokyo by Anna Sherman


Author:Anna Sherman
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Pan Macmillan UK


Shinjuku sits at the intersection of perception and reality. What you have been experiencing for the last twenty-four hours is not supernatural, nor hallucination. It is the intersection of parallel dimensions. Perception is all that separates these parallel worlds.

Christopher ‘Mink’ Morrison

Daibo and I got out of our taxi on Yasukuni dori, near the Isetan Department Store.

In a shop selling artists’ paints on the second floor a crowd of white plaster casts – heads, torsos – floated over the crossing.

I was telling him about my pilgrimage between bells.

‘“Stars and frosts”! “Light and shade!”’ Daibo cried, jubilant, reeling off different words for time. ‘Beautiful! Of course, your grammar isn’t perfect, and you don’t know as many words as you could. Those things matter less, though, than you thinking about, really thinking about, such words.’

Daibo was laughing, and pointing his heavy umbrella at the sky, the pavement, the stoplights.

‘Stars and frosts!’ he shouted. ‘Light and shade!’

It was as though he were summoning Shinjuku itself into being: its neon banners, its streets, the taxis that moved past like comets burning up in the atmosphere, the crowds of drinkers and wanderers.

Time! Time! Time!


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