The Acid King by Jesse P. Pollack

The Acid King by Jesse P. Pollack

Author:Jesse P. Pollack
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Simon Pulse

Chapter 36

BY THE NEXT MORNING, FRIDAY, July 6, word of the murder and subsequent arrests had reached the Northport Observer, Newsday, the New York Post, and the New York Daily News, all thanks to a press release issued by the Suffolk County Police Department. Shortly after Jimmy was booked the day before, Northport Police Chief Robert Howard told Suffolk County’s Chief of Detectives, John Gallagher, that an official statement should be typed up. Gallagher invited the Northport Village Police Department to write a press release, but Howard quickly declined.

“No,” he told Gallagher. “You guys do it. You have the experience.”

Howard was referring to Suffolk County’s own in-house professionals—people like William McKeown, the department’s assistant to the commissioner for media relations—a relative luxury Northport’s small office did not have, or even need up until this point. It wasn’t as if the Truman Capotes of the world were banging down the door every time a garbage can was lit on fire or a case of beer was stolen in the village. However, McKeown, for all his talents, would not write the official press release.

For reasons unknown, Gallagher decided to bypass McKeown and write this crucial document himself. A couple hours later, around three thirty p.m., a secretary from Gallagher’s office called the Northport Village Police Department with the press release he had typed up. Officer Art Molin answered the phone and recorded Gallagher’s secretary as she read the statement to him. After the call was finished, Molin gave the recording to Northport Village Clerk Rita Salerno, who rewound the tape and made the following transcription:

Today, July 5, 1984, homicide detectives arrested one Richard Kasso who has no known address and by his own admission lives in the streets, but whose parents reside at 40 Seaview Avenue, Northport, N. Y.

Kasso was arrested on the charge of murder Second Degree in the stabbing death of one Garry [sic] Lauwers, age 17 years of 15 West Scudder Place, Northport. Lauwers, unemployed, had been missing, although not officially reported as such, since June 15, 1984.

Kasso, also 17 years of age is a member of a satanical cult and worships and partakes in rituals honoring the devil.

It is believed Lauwers stole 10 bags of a narcotic commonly known as angel dust from the defendant Kasso.

Kasso learned of the theft and sought revenge against Lauwers. The revenge turned out to be the death of Lauwers.

This came to the attention of the Suffolk County Police Department as a result from a call from the Northport Village Police Department. The Northport Village Police on Sunday, July 1, 1984 had received an anonymous phone call indicating that a body was buried in a wooded area commonly known as “Aztaki [sic] Woods” in the Northport area. The wooded area is known to the Northport police department who conducted a preliminary search and additionally made attempts to identify the anonymous caller. The searches on Sunday and Monday were unsuccessful. However, they felt that a continuing investigation should be made and Chief Robert Howard requested aid from the Suffolk County Police Department.


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