The Abominable A Novel (Dan Simmons) by Dan Simmons

The Abominable A Novel (Dan Simmons) by Dan Simmons

Author:Dan Simmons
Language: eng
Format: mobi
ISBN: 9780316198851
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Published: 2013-10-22T04:00:00+00:00

Saturday, May 9, 1925

It’s unspeakably hot.

There’s not a breath of air in the two-man Meade tent that Jean-Claude and I slept in last night after being released from the Base Camp “infirmary,” and although the canvas doors to the tent are tied back and wide open, lying in here is like being buried in the Sahara in a shroud smelling of overheated canvas.

J.C. and I have stripped to our underwear but are still sweating profusely, and now we see the Deacon striding toward us across the uneven moraine-rock field.


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