Taken in Death by J. D. Robb

Taken in Death by J. D. Robb

Author:J. D. Robb
Language: eng
Format: epub, mobi

Eve switched off with Trueheart, took the boosted unit. She needed the air, needed to walk.

Cold, she thought as the wind kicked at her. The days were colder now, and shorter. This one would be ending soon.

She knew what it was to be a child, alone and afraid in the dark, in the cold.

Using her earbud, she contacted Teasdale to check in.

"No communication as yet."

"How are they holding up?"

"By a thin thread now. It helped to be able to tell them you'd captured a transmission from Henry. I … Yes, Tosha, it's Lieutenant Dallas. She'd like to speak with you, Lieutenant."

"All right. Put her on."

"Lieutenant, please, have you heard any more?"

"Not yet. But I'm out right now, scanning for another transmission. We're all working on this."

"Gala. Did he say she was all right? Did he—"

"He didn't say she wasn't. We've got cops canvassing a mile radius. We strongly believe the children are inside that area, and they're both alive and well."

"If Ross and I could come home, if we could try to reach them ourselves—"

"You're better where you are. Agents Teasdale and Slattery are experienced." Terrified parents shuddering over her shoulder was the last thing she needed. "Your sister's going to contact you at some point. You need to be ready. You need to do and say exactly what they tell you. And you need to trust us."

"They're just babies. They still believe in fairy tales, and that their daddy can keep the monsters away. Don't let her hurt them. Please, don't let her hurt them."

"Nothing's more important than getting your kids back safely. Believe it. I promise you, when we have more, you'll know it. We won't stop looking for them."

Eve slipped the comm back in her pocket, covered ground, circled, backtracked. And stood scanning buildings as the day ended and the long night began.

When she rejoined the team she passed off to Reineke. The home, turned crime scene, turned temporary HQ, smelled of coffee and pizza and the carnival lacing of sugar from the donuts Jenkinson had brought in.

It smelled like cop, she thought.

"Peabody, let's try what worked on the Reinhold case. We'll generate a map, using the target area. Eliminate high-rises to start. Let's look for single homes, or smaller buildings with basements."

"I'll get it going." Peabody took a slug of coffee. Sometime while Eve had been walking she'd pulled her dark hair back in a stubby tail. "With Reinhold we knew he'd had only a couple days to secure a location. She's had a year or better."

"And Reinhold was days ahead of us," Eve reminded her partner. "She's only had hours. The kid said there were two beds in the room, no windows. Not that the windows were shut or boarded or shielded. No windows. And goddamn it, I know he's just a kid and the intel could be wrong, but we're going with it."

"Okay. I got it."

Roarke walked over, held out a slice of pizza. "Eat."

"In a minute."

"You've been at this all day. Eat. Take a break.


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