Supernatural--Children of Anubis by Tim Waggoner

Supernatural--Children of Anubis by Tim Waggoner

Author:Tim Waggoner
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Titan


Present Day

Garth moved through the woods as swift and silent as a shadow. There were many difficult things about being a lycanthrope—chief among them the hunger that only heart meat could satisfy, and for which animal hearts were a poor substitute. But this—moving through the forest, his mind and body so attuned to his environment that he was practically one with it—this was his favorite thing about being a Lupine American. The full moon sang in his blood, making him feel even stronger, faster, and wilder than usual. The sensation was more intoxicating than any drug, and he had to fight to keep from being swept away by it. He knew if he gave in, his animal side would take over completely, and then he would be all instinct and hunger. He would be in danger of doing the one thing he’d vowed never to do: kill a human for nourishment.

The moon strengthened a Pureblood’s animal side, and Garth’s pack preferred to avoid changing during the cycle of the full moon if possible. Easier to avoid temptation that way. But when you hunted rogue lycanthropes, you didn’t always have a choice about when you transformed. He thought there might be a good “fangism” in there somewhere— Hear the song of the moon, but don’t let it lead you astray. Could use a little work, maybe, but not bad.

He knew he was doing his best to distract himself. But it was no use. Dean’s words had hurt, and no matter how hard he tried to shove them to the back of his mind, he could still hear them.

I say we go in guns blazing, and if any of the werewolves are still alive when we’re done, then you can talk to them.

Garth hated the W word.

The hell of it was that he understood how Dean thought. It hadn’t been that long ago that he’d been a human hunter, and his attitude toward supernatural entities had been simple: they were dangerous, if not downright evil, and they had to be destroyed, banished or whatever it took to prevent them from harming anyone. Shoot first and don’t bother asking questions later.

But then he’d become a monster himself, and his outlook changed. It wasn’t out of simple self-preservation, either. When he realized he’d become infected from the lycanthrope’s bite, he’d considered putting a silver bullet in his head before he changed and killed someone. But during his time as a hunter he’d heard rumors about a cure, and while he’d always considered the stories to be bullcrap, it was the only hope he had. So he began making inquiries among the hunters he knew. He didn’t go to Sam and Dean, although he knew he should have. It wasn’t that he’d been afraid of them killing him. In fact, if he had to be put down, he’d rather they do the job than some random hunter who’d tracked him down. He didn’t go to them because he was embarrassed, pure and simple. He’d screwed


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