Sunny Mates and Murders by Anne R Tan

Sunny Mates and Murders by Anne R Tan

Author:Anne R Tan [Tan, Anne R]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 0101-01-01T00:00:00+00:00

* * *

Without a search warrant, Detective Bibb left, mumbling about a wild goose chase. The servants brought down their overnight bags, and a chauffeur pulled the cherry-red convertible Po Po had rented into the circular driveway. Evidently, Raina and her grandma had overstayed their welcome.

During the drive back to Toronto, Raina gripped the steering wheel until her white knuckles stood out against the black leather. Appearing like a fool in front of the detective didn’t bother her as much as her misplaced trust in Sonny. She’d thought they were on the same team, but they had been playing on two different fields the entire time.

Are you done mumbling to yourself? Po Po asked.

I should have guarded the secret passage instead of following Sonny to his lair. How did he have enough time to clean up the crime scene when he was with me in the office? Raina asked.


Wasn’t she with you in the library?

Nope. She disappeared after showing me into the room.

Raina smacked her palm against the steering wheel. So it was Cat! If she cleaned up the crime scene, is she an accomplice or the murderer?

Maybe both. Or maybe neither. She could have cleaned up the crime scene because she thought she was helping Sonny.

This doesn’t compute for me. Sonny said Cat is Jerry’s woman.

Po Po snorted. Then why is she boinking her boss’s wife?

We don’t know this for sure. There might be nothing scandalous in their relationship.

You can give them the benefit of a doubt, but I’m sticking to my opinion until proven otherwise. Did you talk to Lily? Maybe she wanted her husband dead so she could run off into the sunset with Cat.

Raina shook her head. Lily is hiding in her room, but she is on my list of suspects though.

Who else is on your list?

The Lows?

Freddie wants Sonny’s help with the Italian mob problem, right? Why would he or Myling kill Jerry?

Who knows? Maybe they killed Jerry under the misguided notion that if they got rid of Sonny’s internal problem, he would help them in return. Just because the Nine Dragons owes them a favor, doesn’t mean Sonny would help them.

Anyone else? Po Po didn’t bother to hide the doubt in her voice.

Raina shook her head. I’m annoyed with myself for letting Sonny move me around like a chess piece. I was supposed to be his fiancée for one weekend, but now I have to find his brother’s killer too.

Nooo. He only wanted you to talk to the women involved in Jerry’s life.

Raina gave her grandma a sideways glance. You know I can’t ask questions without getting involved. A combination of curiosity and strong interest in the Kwan family guaranteed she would be all over this case.

Well, at least we’ll have some exciting days ahead of us. Anything is better than walking around the block like a decrepit old lady, Po Po said. Guess what?

Raina glanced at her grandma and then back on the road. She chuckled at the twinkle in her grandma’s eyes. Exciting was relative.


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