Summer's Heat by Mahogany Star

Summer's Heat by Mahogany Star

Author:Mahogany Star [Star, Mahogany]
Language: eng
Format: epub
Published: 2017-03-31T18:30:00+00:00


I went to see Ty, I honestly missed him, and I knew seeing him would help me refocus and put things back in their proper prospective. After going through the same search and feel up routine, I got to go through the final set of metal doors to the waiting area to see my main man.

Ty still looked as fine as ever. Jail makes some people looked fucked up, but for others it’s like a literal preservative for life. It’s like not being on the outside exposed to the everyday stresses somehow manages to act as a skin preservative and they’re able to maintain the looks they had when they went in. Ty didn’t seem to have aged a bit, plus he put on muscle weight which gave him an even sexier presence than when he went in, if that was at all possible.

“Baby girl!!” Ty exclaimed as he reached out for me. I saw the guards watching carefully as Ty embraced me, knowing we weren’t supposed to have much contact. But I knew the guard’s pockets were lined by Ty, so they turned away.

I ran into Ty’s arms feeling secure and safe in the warmth and comfort of his strong embrace.

We took seats at an empty table out of the earshot of other visitors and inmates.

“Summer, you look good as ever. You’re really maturing into a beautiful woman. You ever get mistaken for a young Vanessa Williams?”

“No Ty.” I giggled. He always had the ability to make me feel like a young school girl.

“Listen baby, we don’t have a whole lotta time, but I got some shit to put you on to. So just listen. I know you got your little side hustle shit set up in the PJ’s, but let me tell you that shit is hotter than a blaze. DT’s is starting to frequent the shit, of course all in the line of duty, but they bout to run down on that shit and soon. Steer clear, cause when shit hits the fan, Carmen gone spill the mothafuckin beans and she gone put all that shit on you. So you need to come up with a plan now to get yo nose clean and to put as much distance between yo’self and that henhouse.” Ty’s eyes were serious and his mouth was tight.

My heart just sank as I got nervous about the connotations of prison life.

“Alright Ty. I have an idea; it’s going to put Carmen in a bad situation but I got to do what I got to do.”

“Fuck Carmen that bitch was supposed to have a nose for those mothafuckin pigs, and she let them in. I wouldn’t be surprised if that bitch setting this shit up just to get at you. You know she always been a jealous type of hoe.” Ty spat.

“Yeah I know. I should’ve been smarter, but.” Ty cut me off.

“Listen, I also know you been caught up with some dude. What you gone do baby? Let this lil nigga come in between our empire and us?”

“Ty, it’s not like that.


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