Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings by Robson Patrick;

Structural Appraisal of Traditional Buildings by Robson Patrick;

Author:Robson, Patrick; [Patrick Robson]
Language: eng
Format: epub
ISBN: 4219091
Publisher: Routledge

Roughly twenty working hours would therefore provide a comprehensive distortion survey for a medium-sized commercial or large domestic masonry building. In most cases, only some of the exercises would be necessary; often the external brick-course survey is enough. In complex cases, extra time would be needed to display and interpret all the results.

Disguised distortion

Figure 14.9 Historical distortion.

If the distortion readings have to be taken on a covering (for example, verticality readings on render, level readings on floorboards) then not only are inherent variations greater, but there is also a risk that structural distortion has been disguised. This might be unhelpful or helpful. In the case illustrated by Figure 14.7, considerable relevelling of the floor using wedges and packing pieces had given the impression that distortion was minimal. The ceiling had also been replaced (hung from new ceiling joists) but fortunately its part-removal allowed the floor-joist soffits to be levelled and this gave the game away. Figure 7.25 (page 112) showed an example of disguised floor distortion.

A helpful example of disguise was provided by a Victorian building with a back addition that had suffered large differential movement (Figure 14.9). Its first floor had been relaid, obviously some time ago, and was still level. This suggested that the foundation movement had not recently been active.


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