STREET LESSONS, A JOURNEY by Loren W. Christensen

STREET LESSONS, A JOURNEY by Loren W. Christensen

Author:Loren W. Christensen [Christensen, Loren W.]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Published: 2018-11-23T16:00:00+00:00


I considered pinching and pressing as a tool to help when I needed something a little extra to nudge someone to comply to a command or to distract them away from something. For example, I'd press into the goosy calf muscle to move the bad guy's thought to the pain while another officer slipped on the handcuffs.

For those not in law enforcement, a painful press technique will distract a threat long enough for you or someone else to establish a control hold elsewhere on his body.

But remember this: When you practice pressing techniques in class, almost everyone howls in pain. On the street, where the dynamics are much different, some yell and some won't. If the person doesn't, you need a plan B. Always have a plan B.


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