Stone Maiden by Tina Gerow

Stone Maiden by Tina Gerow

Author:Tina Gerow
Language: eng
Format: epub


Ariel stepped out into the hallway and ran into a wall—a human wall she recognized immediately.

Squaring her shoulders, she raised her chin and metLogan 's troubled gaze. "Hello,Logan ."

He grabbed her elbow and steered her across the hall into his office, pulling the door shut behind him.

"Ariel," he began and then stopped as if groping for what he wanted to say.

She took a deep breath and crossed her arms over her chest. "What can I do for you?" Inwardly, she winced as she remembered he had asked her those very words in this same office not long ago.

"I wanted to try to explain." He looked flustered, his sandy blond hair standing up in sexy waves, no doubt from having his long, tapered fingers thrust through it repeatedly.

"Explain what?" she asked as calmly as possible. "We had a nice time together. And now it's done."

Before Ariel finished speaking, his long strides had eaten the distance between them and he glowered Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter,

over her. "Damn it, Ariel. We had much more than a nice time and you know it. If you'd open that stubborn stone brain of yours long enough to admit it."

Her chin thrust up stubbornly on impulse. "Whatever happened between us is obviously in the past. Now that the child of your blood is here, your destiny has arrived and mine lies along a different path." Her heart broke in two at the words, but she forced her expression to remain serene.

He studied her for a moment and she feared he'd seen a flicker of her regret. He sighed and stepped away from her. The sudden loss of his proximity made her long to run to him and feel his strong arms around her one last time.

"I wish I could dismiss us as easily as you can," he said softly and leaned back against his desk. When he finally met her eyes, he said, "Charity and I had sex, but you and I made love, and I'll never be able to forget you." He closed his eyes and sighed. "But you're right. My destiny has arrived and I have a child to think about now."

"Do you believe the child is actually yours?" The words were out before she could think better of them.

She winced internally but schooled her face not to display her feelings.

Logandidn't appear shocked at the blunt question. "I do. I can't explain it, but I have a gut feeling this is the way things are supposed to happen. And I already feel a connection with the child." When he caught sight of Ariel's skeptical look he shook his head. "I know what you're thinking. Charity isn't exactly a one-man woman. I can't explain it logically, but I believe her."

Ariel opened her mouth to object to his blind belief when he interrupted her. "Besides, I did some checking and she's been in constant recording sessions for the last few months according to her business manager.Just like she told me."

Ariel remained skeptical but reminded herself that she didn't know Charity as well asLogan .


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