Stay Lucky: a Single Dads Gay Romance by Leta Blake

Stay Lucky: a Single Dads Gay Romance by Leta Blake

Author:Leta Blake [Blake, Leta]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
Tags: Romance, Fiction
ISBN: 9781626226289
Publisher: Leta Blake Books
Published: 2020-01-08T16:00:00+00:00

Chapter Thirteen

Six Months Ago

“Hannah’s a match?” Leo said. He sounded uncertain, like he couldn’t even believe it. “And you’re sure?”

“Yes, sugar-butt. Of course I’m sure. Your mother and father have her at the hospital now, detoxing and getting well enough for the surgery,” Marie said, patting her gun like a habit. “And after all of that mess with that woman in Connecticut and her damaged kidneys, it’s good to not get our hopes up in vain this time.”

Little Apron was bustling with patrons and Grant glanced around to see who all was listening. He knew Blountville, and everything they talked about tonight would be fodder for gossip tomorrow. He could hear it now: Leo Garner’s little sister was giving him a kidney in exchange for him raising her kid. Grant didn’t want that version of the story getting back to Lucky.

“Can you believe she was living in that hovel in New York? It was disgusting, let me tell you. I wouldn’t have even believed it, if I hadn’t seen it for my own self,” Marie said, resting her hand on her sidearm.

“It’s a good thing Dad and Mom got there,” Leo said. “It sounds like it was just in time.”

“There was a pig living in the apartment, sugar-butt. An actual pig. It was one of her roommate’s pets. I use both the words ‘roommate’ and ‘pet’ loosely, if you get what I’m saying.”

“Gives Hell’s Kitchen a whole new meaning,” Grant said, unable to keep the sarcasm out of his voice.

“Grant,” Leo said softly.

“But the real question is, are her kidneys of any use?” Grant asked. “Drugs and healthy organs don’t always go hand in hand.”

Leo sounded sick when he interjected, “Grant, please. I don’t want to even talk about that. I don’t care about me right now. I’m just scared for Hannah. Is she okay? Is this completely voluntary, Memaw? Because I won’t take her kidney if she doesn’t want to give it to me.”

Grant interrupted, “You might not care about yourself right now, but that’s all I care about. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your sister’s state of mind, or even about the validity of her consent. You will take this kidney and you will not think twice about that, do you understand?”

Leo’s eyes took on a rare, angry glow.

Grant leaned forward, ready to press the point more if need be. It was essential that Leo accept the kidney.

“Well said,” Marie said. “I agree wholeheartedly, Doc.”

“How can you say that?” Leo asked, looking around, probably gauging how many people were eavesdropping, too. It had to be the entire restaurant at this point. “You’re a doctor, Grant. You know what’s at stake here if there’s been coercion—”

“There’s been no coercion,” Marie said. “Hannah is very willing—eager even—to give her brother the help he needs. She wants to see you to tell you so herself.”

Leo shook his head, breathing in through his nose. His mouth was set in a sad line. “Why do I doubt that? It’s all my fault,” he said.


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