Stanislavski in Practice: Exercises for Students by Nick O'Brien

Stanislavski in Practice: Exercises for Students by Nick O'Brien

Author:Nick O'Brien [O'Brien, Nick]
Language: eng
Format: azw3
ISBN: 9781138233560
Publisher: Taylor and Francis
Published: 2017-09-18T16:00:00+00:00

Acting tip

When acting we do not ‘show’ an emotion, we have an action within a given circumstance that creates an emotion.

So don’t try to ‘act’ anger; decide on the action that will create anger and have that action within a given set of circumstances.

Notes for the teacher

With this exercise, some students will slip into ‘showing the action’ to the audience; remind them that, on stage, you are not showing the action to an audience but experiencing an action from an imagined set of circumstances. It may be a good idea to talk through the first one using one of my examples. After a few students have gone up, they should start to get used to spotting the action and will start to see how changing the action can have a real effect on the scene. Students have a lot of fun with this, and it can also be used effectively as a warm-up exercise, to start the lesson by getting students thinking and doing on their feet.


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