Son con Vol 2 by Volume 02

Son con Vol 2 by Volume 02

Author:Volume 02
Format: epub

Translator Comments: On the 8th July, I said the goal for it was to crack rank #450 on NU. I don’t even know what the rank number means, but it increases every time I upload a chapter, so screw what it means, it’s an indicator of something. I did it, I cracked #450, and #400, photo proof below. On the 3rd July, there were 113 likes on the Facebook page, and today there 171 likes. I never set a goal for it because it’s beyond my control, but the new number looks good. So this month, I’m aiming to crack #300 on NU. I’ll give 100% every day again, and let’s try and crack 200 likes on Facebook. I’m going to keep pressing to try and get the rights to translate it officially, but things take time when it’s a first for everyone involved, and they’re not the most responsive of people. I know patrons are getting more chapters in advance than it says there, but you can’t have too many son-con chapters. Goals are set, now to smash them. The commitment to my goals keeps me disciplined and accountable.


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