Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

Someone We Know by Shari Lapena

Author:Shari Lapena
Language: eng
Format: epub
Publisher: Doubleday Canada
Published: 2019-07-29T16:00:00+00:00

* * *

Becky hears the door downstairs open shortly after 9:00 P.M. She’s upstairs in bed, and cocks her head, listening. She’d grown tired of waiting for Larry and had eaten and gone up with a book. Now she listens to him wandering around downstairs. After a few minutes, she puts the book aside, pulls on her robe, and leaves the bedroom.

She stops at the top of the stairs when she sees her husband standing at the bottom, looking up at her. Their eyes meet, but neither of them speaks for a moment.

Then she says, “Where have you been?” She doesn’t think he’s been at the office this late.

He doesn’t answer her. Finally Larry says, “We need to talk.”

She makes her way slowly down the stairs.

He says abruptly, “I need a drink.” He slouches over to the bar cart in the living room and pours himself a stiff shot of bourbon.

“You might as well pour me one, too,” Becky says.

She walks over to him and he hands her a glass. They each take a sip. All the things he might say are swirling around in her head.

She wonders how Larry must have felt when Amanda disappeared—and then when her body was discovered. Was he worried that the police would find out about him and Amanda? The way she’d worried that they would find out about her and Robert?

He gives her a conciliatory look. “I had nothing to do with what happened to Amanda. And you know it.”

“Do I?” she says.

He stares at her, clearly shocked. “You can’t honestly think—” He continues to stare at her, as if unable to find words.

“I don’t know what to think,” she says coldly. “And if I don’t quite believe you, how do you think the police are going to see it?” As she stands there looking at him, this man she’s been married to for twenty-three years, she allows herself for the first time to actually consider whether Larry might have killed Amanda Pierce. It gives her a chill.

“You can’t be serious!” Then he laughs—a short, tight laugh. “Oh, I get it. You’re already in divorce negotiations, is that it? You feel you have some leverage over me and you want to use it to your advantage.”

She hadn’t really thought of it that way, but now that he’s mentioned it, she sees the possibilities. She doesn’t really believe that he harmed Amanda, but it wouldn’t hurt for him to think she does. She gave up her career. She spent her best years keeping house and raising children for this man, while he was out making a good living. She should get what’s coming to her. She doesn’t want to get shafted.

“You absolute bitch,” he says.

She jumps a bit at his tone. It’s so unlike him. Then she says, in a mild voice, “I’m not going to make things difficult for you, Larry, as long as you play fair with me.”

“Is that so,” he says. He comes closer and stares down at her; she can feel his breath in her face, smell the liquor.


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